We Are #TeamPrislo

Prislo.com is a search engine that helps online shoppers find the best price for any product in Pakistan. Prislo aggregates over 8 million products on a daily basis from Pakistan’s most popular online stores to give online shoppers one of the largest product selections in the country. By updating our index on a daily basis, online shoppers get the latest pricing and stock information.


Prislo aggregates information from trusted shopping websites in Pakistan to give users a localised search experience.

Once product data is indexed, multiple layers of powerful machine learning and AI algorithms help deliver relevant results to online shoppers that closely match their search intent. This understanding of user intent separates Prislo’s search functionality from other online stores in Pakistan.

Prislo’s platform is entirely custom built from the ground up. It has taken years of research and development to build the platform and its AI based algorithms. We strive to provide online shoppers in Pakistan with fast and relevant product search and are working hard to improve our search everyday. It’s what we live and breathe.


The idea of Prislo was born when our Co-Founder & CEO, Usama Arjumand, moved back to his hometown of Islamabad in March 2016, after spending more than a decade in the UK. An avid online shopper, Usama was disappointed with the lack of product choice offered by shopping websites in Pakistan. The largest online store at the time offered merely 150,000 products across all categories. Compare this to Amazon, that offered more than 250 million products at the time.

A serial entrepreneur having built three previous startups and successfully exited a company in the UK, Usama conceived of a single platform that would aggregate the inventories of all trusted online stores in Pakistan to provide consumers with the largest selection of products and the ability to find the best price for any product. The idea of Prislo was born.


Prislo’s mission is to help online shoppers in Pakistan find the best price for any product quickly and efficiently. Users on average save over 10% on the price of the product by comparing prices on Prislo.


Prislo has a talented team of data scientists, engineers and marketers. Our work culture focuses less on degrees and certificates and more on the passion, skill-set and personality of the individual. We believe every person is gifted in their own way and strive to create an environment where individuals with different perspectives are free to voice their opinion and contribute in their own way to Prislo’s success. It doesn’t matter who you are, the best ideas always win at Prislo.

Usama Arjumand

Co-Founder & Chief Executive

A University of Nottingham Graduate in Mechanical Engineering, Usama has a decade of experience building, scaling and exiting startup ventures.

Sanjay Kumar

Co-Founder & Head of Engineering

Sanjay is a full-stack engineer with expertise in building scalable applications. His interests lie in Python frameworks and micro-services architecture.

Faraz Khalid

Co-Founder & Head of AI

Faraz is a Data Scientist with expertise in machine learning, deep learning and image processing. He lives and breathes algorithms.

Ather Imran Nawaz


Ather is the CEO of Sybrid, a premiere Technology Solutions company part of the Lakson Group. Ather is Prislo’s Chief Believer & Evangelist.

Faheem Arif Padela


A University of Washington Graduate, Faheem heads marketing & business research at Sybrid and is a member of Prislo’s Board of Directors.

Mehvish Kayani

Content Specialist

Mehvish has a decade of experience in content writing and graphic design. She is also a passionate makeup blogger and reflexologist.

Nayha Jay Khan

Content Specialist

A York University Graduate in Visual and Performing Arts, Nayha is a multifaceted individual with a passion for writing, art and art therapy.

Hassan Shah Gilani

Content Specialist

Hassan is a writer, DJ and artist with a passion for photography and music. He looks like a Rembrandt portrait and enjoys participating in theatre.

Muhammad Danish

SEO Expert

Danish is an online marketer with a passion for social media and search engine marketing. Danish manages Prislo’s growth.


In August 2019, Prislo raised one of the largest seed rounds in Pakistan at the time from Sybrid, a premiere Technology Solutions company with multinationals such as McDonalds, Unilever and Haier in their client portfolio. Sybrid is part of the Lakson Group of companies, one of the largest and oldest business conglomerates in the country, operating since 1954.

Sybrid’s investment, shared vision and strategic partnership is helping Prislo reach more online shoppers in Pakistan and scaling the platform nationwide.


At Prislo, we are continually working hard on providing a more relevant and faster product search experience for our users. We are a Pakistani startup building a product for Pakistan. If you love what we are doing, please help spread the word and give us feedback on improving our user experience. We look forward to hearing from you!