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Compare 36 prices from 6 stores.

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Rs. 290 - Rs. 12800


Arduino Uno is a microcontroller board powered with the AVR microcontroller AtMega328. If you are looking to make your first break into microcontrollers, the Arduino Uno is your best bet as it is economical, very easy to use and has more academic applications. Shopsy has a list for various Arduino Uno online sellers in Pakistan so you can compare their prices and features and find the best that fits your budget and needs.

Pros & Cons


  • Large library

  • Ready to use

  • Open-source

  • Affordable as compared to other microcontrollers


  • Limited power

  • Too big to fit into smaller projects

  • Not fast enough for some graphic displays


Arduino Uno comes with a wide range of sensors and peripheral support like third-party libraries, providing a huge amount of free projects and resources online. For more complex and advanced systems, you might want to look for more powerful options in the market. Arduino Uno R2 replaces the AtMega328 with Atmega8U2 and the more advanced Arduino Uno R3 replaces the Atmega8U2 with Amega16U2. 

Defining Microcontrollers

Microcontrollers were brought to the electronics industry for making our tasks quick and easy and to condition our devices to work according to our needs and requirements. The Arduino Uno is one such microcontroller board that comes in handy for projects related to digital electronics, embedded systems, robotics, or IoT. Its open-source nature makes the board and software readily available for anyone to modify and optimize them for better functionality. 

Main Features

Holding a RAM memory of 32KB, the Arduino Uno features a USB interface, 6 analog input pins and 14 I/O digital ports for connecting with external electronic circuits. Out of these 14 I/O ports, you can use 6 pins for PWM output. 


With a USB cable, the Arduino Uno can be directly connected to the computer and is compatible with Windows, MAC or Linux Systems. The built-in regulation feature of the Arduino Uno manages the voltage when the device is connected to external devices. The Arduino Uno is also integrated with WIFI connectivity.


Arduino Uno's built-in bootloader allows for easy and convenient uploading of program on the board, eliminating the need of a separate burner for the same purpose.


To make the board store more data, a micro SD card can be added in the board. Conveniently, the Arduino Uno comes with a reset button that takes the whole program back to its initial stage with just a push of a button. This function comes in handy when hangups occur in the program. 

About Arduino

Arduino was established in Italy as an open-source hardware/software company as well as project and user community that manufactures single-board microcontrollers and microcontroller kits for digital devices. Arduino uses a cross-platform IDE (Integrated Development Environment) software for its devices, that is free to use and only requires basic skills to learn it. 


Processor Microchip ATmega328
Operating Voltage 5 Volts
Input Voltage 7 to 20 Volts
Digital I/O Pins 14
Analog Input Pins 6
Program Memory 32 KB
Clock Speed 16 MHz
Length 68.6 mm
Width 53.4 mm
Weight 25 g
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The best price of Arduino Uno in Pakistan is Rs. 290 and the estimated average price is Rs. 2,359.

Price List

Model Price
Arduino UNO SMD (with cable) Rs. 1,800
Arduino Uno R3 Smd With... Rs. 1,390
Arduino Uno R3 with Usb... Rs. 2,390
Arduino Uno R3 With Usb... Rs. 2,040
Arduino UNO ATmega328P R3 Development Board Rs. 2,500
Arduino Uno R3 Smd With Cable Rs. 1,599
Arduino UNO Rev3 ATmega328 Italy Clone DIP Rs. 2,150
Arduino UNO R3 Proto Shield Kit with Mini Breadbo… Rs. 330
Arduino Uno R3 Integrated with ESP8266 WiFi wirel… Rs. 2,950