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Compare 81 prices from 15 stores.

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Basketball is played all over the world, in schools, universities and at higher levels in certain countries. There are a few different kinds of balls that one can purchase, the correct one depends on where it will be used. The price of a basketball is in the mid ranges generally, with a specific variant being more costly.



Created by James Naismith in 1891, basketball is one of the commonly played sports across the world. This is in part due to the fact that the game requires very little equipment; the main thing being the basketball itself. The size of a basketball is regulated, with the men's ball having a circumference of 29.5 inches and weighing 623.69 grams; for women, the size is 28.5 inches with a weight of 567 grams.

There are different kinds of basketballs for the different courts, this is due to the kind of bounce a wooden court has versus a concrete or cement one. Indoor courts are often wooden and the ball used on them is a leather one or one made from synthetic leather. The latter can also be used on an outdoor court.

The rubber ball is what is used more often for outdoor courts. It is also the cheapest to produce, with the pure leather one being the most costly.

All basketballs have pips on the outside that help improve the grip, with black curvy lines that make for the visual representation of basketball that is known all over. 


There are many brands that produce basketballs, the known ones include Spalding, Wilson and Molten.

Spalding is the brand that is also used in the NBA; which happens to be the league at the forefront of basketball as a sport. The most known player in the NBA is Micheal Jordan, despite having retired over two decades ago.

The price of a basketball is in the mid ranges, with the leather Spalding ball being a more expensive one.

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The best price of Basketball in Pakistan is Rs. 1,150 and the estimated average price is Rs. 6,268.

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Baseball Cap - FAC24-034 Rs. 1,590
Baseball Cap - FAC24-049 Rs. 1,590
Baseball Cap - FAC24-050 Rs. 1,590
Black Chicago Bulls Baseball Cap - S23 - MCP119R Rs. 3,549
Royal Blue Baseball Jacket Rs. 2,499
Solid Baseball Cap - S22 - MCP034R Rs. 2,499
Black Baseball Jacket Rs. 2,499
Navy Blue Baseball Jacket Rs. 2,499
Black Panther Baseball Cap - A24 - MCP126R Rs. 3,499
White Baseball Caps - FAC24-013 Rs. 1,590