Beauty Uk Pro Gel Eyeliner Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Beauty Uk Pro Gel Eyeliner in Pakistan is Rs. 665 and estimated average price is Rs. 790.


Beauty Uk Pro Gel Eyeliner guarantees 24-hour wearability without the risk of smudging or fading. The long-lasting formula is suitable for daily wear and easy to apply using a liner brush.


The Beauty Uk Pro Gel Eyeliner is a large pod containing a highly pigmented formula packed into a compact tub that is applied using a liner brush. The precise control over the product ensures you can create a variety of eyeliner looks within minutes. It can be applied as a thin line or thicker according to your style and occasion. 

With the Beauty Uk Pro Gel Eyeliner, you will be able to master the complex winged eyeliner that is luscious and velvety in texture. It can be used to line the waterline that instantly brightens and widens the eyes. The soft formula does not irritate sensitive eyes and suits all kinds of eye shapes. Available in three shades of Jet Black, Expresso Brown and Cobalt Blue.  

Price List

Model Price
Beauty UK Pro Gel Eyeliner Rs. 1,042.24
Beauty UK Pro Gel Eyeliner - No.3 Cobalt Blue Rs. 665
Beauty UK Pro Gel Eyeliner - 2 Espresso Brown Rs. 665
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