Bedding Sets Price in Pakistan

The best price of Bedding Sets in Pakistan is Rs. 1,499 and estimated average price is Rs. 6,799.


Bedding sets are used to cover one's bed, pillows and some even have covers for bed cushions. These sets are changed to keep the surfaces clean for personal use. There are a lot of different designs, some materials and various qualities. The latter is based on the thread count; the higher the thread count the better the sheets. The price of bedding sets depends on their material, quality and also the brand. There are options that are affordable, while others that are expensive.


Bedding sets

A set for the bed includes pillow covers, a quilt cover and a sheet. There are different sizes based on the mattress sizes, you can purchase the correct size according to your mattress. The number of pillows or added cushions varies which is why there are sets that have more pieces to cover it all.

There are a lot of designs one can opt for, this includes florals, block prints and various geometric patterns. For kids, you can also find bed sets that are inspired by the themes of cartoon or comic characters.  With some bedding sets, the pillows are a contrasting colour or white, others have the same pattern repeated onto them. There are also options that have just a plain white sheet while the pillow covers and quilt covers have the design on them.

One can also find bedding sets that are all one plain colour, this could be anything from black to shades of red, green or any other colour.

Materials and thread count

Bed sheets need to be comfortable or sleeping in them is difficult. A lot of times people opt for cotton as it is a breathable material that is also soft to the touch. If there is a higher thread count the sheets are a lot softer. 150 threads are a standard, 180 is considered good and anything above 200 is considered high quality. The highest-end is at 400, 800 or even at 1000 threads for the finest quality.

If one lives in warmer areas they may want to stay below 300 threads so they are not getting too warm while sleeping.

One could also find mixed materials as well as silk. The mixed materials can be cheaper and silk would cost more. Some people do not like the feel of silk, so which material one chooses is a matter of preference and the budget they have in mind.


Pakistan is known for good quality cotton which is why one can find a lot of good bedding sets as well. The higher the thread count the more the set costs. One should change their sheets about every week if they are used regularly, otherwise, two weeks is also ample. If the bedding set has deeper colours drying it in direct sunlight after a wash will make the colours fade faster.

The prices range from affordable to expensive depending on one's specific choice.

Price List

Model Price
Lattice 6 Pcs Quilt Cover Set Rs. 8,900
6 Pieces Razai Set Double Bed Multi Color Rzs-902 Rs. 4,899
Ultra Sonic Reversible Bed Spread - King Size Dou… Rs. 5,499
Lattice 6 Pcs Quilt Cover Set Rs. 8,250
Cot Bedding Set - Ships Rs. 4,500
Malidan 5 Pcs Velvet Bedding Set Grey Rs. 5,800
Sharon 3 Pcs Bedding Set Yellow Rs. 1,499
Best Quality Pure Cotton King Size 10pcs Double B… Rs. 9,499
Blossom Maroon Bedspread set Rs. 5,850
Pink Hearts 2 Pcs Kids Bedding Set Rs. 1,499
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