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The honey bees that are part of our daily lives provide us with sustenance and sweetness in our food and drinks are also used often as a healing home remedy. The bees make beeswax that forms the protective structure of their hive, where they produce honey. The environment is as important to the bees as the honey they produce inside the hive.


Through the secretion of wax through their special glands, beeswax is processed through their chewing and releasing it in the form of perfect hexagon-shaped honeycombs. At the time of harvest in bee farms, the top part of the hive cell is removed in order to extract the honey, these slabs of beeswax are then are melted down and purified to remove any non-wax particles making it 100% pure. 

Beeswax is used as an important base agent to bind lotions and creams because of its moisturising consistency when applied to the skin and hair. The protective layer that is created on the skin is great for keeping it hydrated in the harsh winter climate of Pakistan. The anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral benefits of beeswax make it a valuable addition to beauty products and protects the skin from any negative reactions or allergic reactions. It has vitamin A that has a positive impact on skin cells promoting hydrations and regeneration. It is used to treat haemorrhoids, stretch marks, ringworm and eczema.

Its natural organic nature is easily digestible making it a great ingredient for lip balms often used in winter to keep lips hydrated and prevent any cracking or extreme dryness. The thick layer it creates helps protect the skin from toxins and pollution. Beeswax is a breathable layer that still ensures the skin will not be stressed or suffocated after application. It stays in solid form at room temperature and has a very high melting point of 147 degrees making it ideal for binding different ingredients in creams, lotions and soaps, especially when using coconut oil and other natural oils with a low melting point.

Other Products Made From Beeswax

It is used to make wood polish, drawer & window lubricant to improve the swing of hinges. The beeswax candles are known to clean the air, while smelling sweet, as they release negative ions that bind well with air toxins. Traditionally used as bookbinding thread for its long-lasting durable quality and as moustache wax by men as a natural gel for keeping hair in place. 

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