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Compare 157 prices from 9 stores.

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Rs. 10995 - Rs. 122500


One of the most common modes of transport, the bicycle has been around for many decades. An economical means of transport and a great workout. Bicycles are available in many different designs and materials. Their prices vary depending on these differences and on their size.



A bicycle is one of the earlier forms of modern transport. The late 19th century saw their arrival in Europe and by the early 21st century there were over a billion in circulation all over the world. Also, known as a cycle or bike it is usually human-powered via pedals, having two wheels in line that are attached to a frame. The pedals are attached to a sprocket that has a chain running over it and onto a sprocket attached to the rear wheel. Some versions also have a shaft drive instead of a chain. The person riding is called a cyclist. Bicycles can be made from various materials, the more common ones are different alloys and carbon fibre based materials. Several of the mechanical components that were invented for the bicycle were used in cars later, including pneumatic tyres, ball bearings, chain-driven sprockets and spoked wheels.

Bicycles are made in smaller sizes for children. It is considered a great recreational activity for all ages, with the more common model being the 'mountain bike'. These mountain bicycles have gears that make it easier to pedal uphill, a wonder of mechanics.

Bicycles are a common means of transport in some regions, even in a world overrun by cars. Some countries promote the usage of bicycles to help the environment and the health of riders. People also race bicycles professionally, the most famous race being the Tour de' France. Another form of competition is the stunt riding segment, these cyclists generally use a BMX bicycle and partake in the X Games. BMX bicycles are designed with the stunt rider in mind.

Keep in mind that for men that extensive cycling can irritate the prostrate and exacerbate any pre-existing conditions. The right kind of seat is important in this case. Bicycle seats can be changed to find something that suits one better. 

In Pakistan, the top producers of bicycles is Sohrab Cycle. A very commonly known brand. The prices of bicycles vary, depending on the type, build material and the brand that produced them. It is pertinent to wear the correct safety gear while riding a bicycle. A bicycle lock would also be a good investment.

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The best price of Bicycle in Pakistan is Rs. 10,995 and the estimated average price is Rs. 29,494.

Price List

Model Price
Princess Bicycle Rs. 19,995
Sports Honey Bicycle 2... Rs. 31,995
SHBIKE Bicycle 22" Rs. 48,495
Sports Bicycle 16" Rs. 25,995
Bicycle 12 Rs. 28,000
High Quality Multi Color Bicycle For girls Flower… Rs. 18,000
Mountain Bicycle 12" Rs. 22,495
MIQIXIANG Bicycle 16" Rs. 29,995
Brilliant Firm Bicycle... Rs. 23,995
Princess Bicycle 12" Rs. 19,995