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Essential innerwear, underwear helps absorb sweat and reduces chances of crotch rot setting in. There are a few basic types, one can choose based on what they find comfortable. The prices vary a lot based on the brand, there are very affordable options and very expensive ones as well.


Underwear became common for boys in the 1930s. Jockey is the brand that started selling them at the Marshall Field's store. The first 3 months saw 30,000 pairs sold, needless to say, the trend caught on after that.

Types of underwear for boys and colours

The most simple and basic design is the 'brief' which is mostly in white, but you could also find other colours. It is made from cotton jersey, so it is elasticised and fits to form. 'Boxer briefs' are also made from a similar material but are longer, like shorts worn by boxers. Given the material, these are also form-hugging. 

'Boxers' are like boxer shorts as well, but these are made from simple cotton so they are a loose fit. These also tend to have buttons on the fly.

As there are so many brands that produce boy's underwear one can find any range of colours or patterns. From white to red, green, peach and whatever other colour you can imagine. The patterns go from stripes to polkas, on to cartoon characters even. These three types can also be found in mixed materials or polyester, but cotton is recommended due to its breathability.

Why wear underwear

Underwear absorbs sweat which keeps one's body clean, of course, the first prerequisite is that the underwear itself has to be washed regularly. This is an item of clothing that needs to be changed more often than any other. Boy's underwear even helps with reducing abrasions due to friction from jeans. 


It is said that boys should not wear underwear to bed as the body needs to breathe free while asleep.

Available in many different price ranges depending on the brand one chooses. Also, a lot of brands have packs of 3 or 5 which can have a mixed colour range too.

Price List

Model Price
McQueen Friends Mix Designs Pack Of 5 Underwears … Rs. 1,595
Ninja Mix Designs Pack Of 5 Underwears 11689 Rs. 1,595
PJ Mask Mix Designs Pack Of 5 Underwears 11661 Rs. 1,595
PawPatrol Mix Designs Pack Of 5 Underwears 11660 Rs. 1,595
Baby Shark Mix Designs Pack Of 5 Underwears 11674 Rs. 1,595
Captain Under Pants Mix Designs Pack Of 5 Underwe… Rs. 1,595
Justice League Mix Designs Pack Of 5 Underwears 1… Rs. 1,595
Mix Assorted Characters & Designs Pack Of 5 Under… Rs. 1,595
Teen Titans Mix Designs Pack Of 5 Underwears 11680 Rs. 1,595
Mine Craft Mix Designs Pack Of 5 Underwears 11670 Rs. 1,595
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Compare 14 prices from 2 stores.

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