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Compare 16 prices from 1 stores.

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Bracket fans are easily installable in low ceiling storerooms, dressing rooms and bathrooms that are hard to reach for a regular ceiling fan.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to install

  • Great for drying bathrooms

  • Act as a ventilation system for small spaces

  • Easy navigation

  • Consume less power


  • Noisier than ceiling fans

  • Hard to clean

  • Can shortcircuit

  • Can not be left off for long durations risk of overheating motor


Wall Mounted 

The bracket fan is a popular choice as it is easily installed into spaces at a prefered angle to provide rapid cooling and ventilation. It is ideal for homes, offices and workshop spaces that trap heat during the summer. But when compared to a ceiling fan they are not as fast with low, medium and fast speeds which can feel limited.

A traditional wall or bracket fan are placed a little higher above the average light fixture in a room. Usually placed in the bathroom because the temperature is higher after a hot shower or during a heatwave, it helps dry the floor, shower and walls of the bathroom that accumulate moisture. 

Mechanism & Functionality 

The smooth oscillating motion of the fan is used in most tower fans, pedestal fans, standing fans that are aerodynamically designed with a propeller blade. The navigational controls vary with the design and model, the typical manual switch uses a rope and knob mechanism or simple plastic knob to adjust the speeds. The panning is controlled by a physical button to unhinged the rotation from the back on top of the motor.

There are advanced remote control bracket fans that can be controlled from a distance. These fans are an excellent choice for workshops, warehouses, shops and basements. The durable and secure metal blades will be able to offer a quieter cooling environment.

The various models available on Shopsy will have different oscillations, size, timer and power usage. It is recommended to know where the fan will be installed and what daily purpose does it serve. 


The timer of the bracket fan can also have a 1 to 4-hour timer, oscillation and speed controls. The automatic shutdown helps save electricity and saves the fan from over-usage. The grill placed is securely locked together with the cabin that holds the fan blades for protection of the people in front of the fan. 

The gyroscopic movement paired with a high-speed motor is able to create an impactful airflow of 10 to 20 feet. There is a 60-inch power cord that will help indicate that the fan is assembled properly and not run electricity to the machine unless completely secure. 

The size of the blade varies with each model, the 16-inch blade is enough for a medium-sized room. The durable plastic used to make the body and base will be easy to clean and protect users from any electrical shocks. 

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The best price of Bracket Fan in Pakistan is Rs. 22,654 and the estimated average price is Rs. 27,663.

Price List

Model Price
Royal Fans Circomatic 14 Inch Bracket Fan Rs. 28,638
Royal Fans Elegant 16 Inch Bracket Fan Rs. 28,638
Royal Fans Elegant 18 Inch Bracket Fan Rs. 28,638
Royal Fans Petite 14 Inch Bracket Fan Rs. 26,318
Royal Fans Louver 14 Inch Bracket Fan Rs. 28,638
Royal Fans Petite 12 Inch Bracket Fan Rs. 24,772
Royal Fans Louver 14 Inch Remote Bracket Fan Rs. 34,832
Royal Fans Louver 14 Inch Bracket Fan (Maroon, Bl… Rs. 29,422
Royal Fans Bracket Magnum Black Matt 18″ Fan Rs. 24,772
Royal Fans Bracket Magnum 24″ Fan(Black)(Spider G… Rs. 29,415
Royal Fans Bracket Matt 24″ Fan(Black/ Off-White)… Rs. 28,383
Royal Fans Bracket Magnum 24″ Fan with Base (Spid… Rs. 29,929