Compare 7,494 prices from 133 stores.

Compare 7,494 prices from 133 stores.

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Buhatala.com is a digital marketplace that has a very diverse range of products, all the way from electronics to furniture to apparel. One can find almost anything they are looking for. The prices are competitive and they also have a lot of items on discounted rates, helping on save money. With the added convenience of it being delivered to your doorstep.


Whatever you are looking for Buhatala has it all, if you are looking for jeans, toys, gadgets, chains for your lounge or a gift for a loved one's birthday; the website can furnish all those needs and more. Buhatala.com takes responsibility for the quality of the product. Updating their digital marketplace with the latest products in all the available categories.

Buhatala.com has a 100% refund and exchange policy if one is not happy with the product they have received. One can pay through an online option or pay cash on delivery. Buhatala also has many products available on discounted rates so one can save money.

Aside from the description and details with each product, the website also has a blog section so one can go through some of their articles to better understand the products they want to purchase.


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Price List

Model Price
Balsam Rs. 55,000
Kubsha Rs. 79,500
Chaand Bali Rs. 88,000
Chand Bali Rs. 140,000
Mishal (B) Rs. 29,500
Khushbu Rs. 150,000
Buck Bantham.BLW 0285CMS24-B 10610 Rs. 12,500
Buck Bantham Bla Blaze 7649_3897 Rs. 14,000
MST416 Rs. 145,000
Yashal (B) Rs. 29,500