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Compare 393 prices from 16 stores.

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Rs. 326 - Rs. 62500


If you ever stepped on a sharp piece of LEGO, you already know what building blocks are. Anyone can recall from childhood the immense pleasure LEGO building block sets brought them - and of course, the excruciating pain of accidentally stepping on them! One of the first brands to introduce toy blocks for kids and for adults to exercise their minds and invoke creative skills. However multiple other brands have joined in and are offering puzzle blocks and snap together sets at much cheaper prices. Check building blocks prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.


A staple in every toy box, building puzzles can be made out of wood, plastic, acrylic and other safe to use materials. They also come in vibrant colours that are pleasing to the eyes and an attractive feature for kids. The blocks can also be magnetic and the appropriate age for most block sets ranges from 1 year and above.

Building Blocks for Kids

An excellent activity for kids to develop fine motor skills, building puzzles and blocks will keep your kid entertained for hours; It also instils creativity and cognitive thinking, helping kids in taking initiative and developing problem-solving and decision-making skills. Kids also learn about balance, gravity and precision. Building puzzles have pieces that can range from 2 pieces to above 1000 pieces sets with which one can build an entire miniature airport, hospital, car garage, ship, train, trucks, figurines or aeroplane etc. You can also buy the battery-powered plastic building block variety that turns into an interactive toy after it is snapped together. 

Tips & Suggestions

Building structures out of blocks is a fun activity and a good mental exercise for elders as well. One can have building puzzle competitions with friends and family and have a fun competitive time. These can be complexed structures with high difficulty level to make it a tough competition. Make sure to buy building blocks made out of safe materials like wood, BPA free plastic and other natural and durable materials.

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The best price of Building Blocks in Pakistan is Rs. 326 and the estimated average price is Rs. 4,133.

Price List

Model Price
Building Block For Kids Building Blocks For Boy A… Rs. 349
Building Block (110 Pieces) Rs. 1,250
Minecraft Building Blocks My World Building Block… Rs. 749
Minecraft Building Blocks My World Building Block… Rs. 479
Minecraft Building Blocks My World Building Block… Rs. 489
Classic Building Block... Rs. 3,445
Deluxe Building Block Set Rs. 2,195
Amazing Building Block Series Rs. 2,995
Building Block Slideway Rs. 2,595