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Compare 779 prices from 23 stores.

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Rs. 949 - Rs. 14700


A casual shirt is a great alternative to the traditional white or neutral crisp collar straight silhouette cut button-down shirts worn to work. They are supposed to be more relaxed and casual worn to social gatherings and off time from professional attire.


Seasonal Wear

A casual shirt is an important part of every teenager, young man and working professionals wardrobe. They are colourful with various patterns usually in soft-touch cotton, line or jersey material. 


With illustrations, logos, text and images are the focus on loungewear and casual shirts there are more smart-casual options such as Polo shirts for men, women and children. The thick and thin horizontal stripes are a popular favourite in Polo shirts for casual wear. These can be worn outdoors, golfing and social gatherings. These shirts can be paired with shorts for the summer keeping you light and fresh all day long. 

Eastern Wear

A Kurta is also considered a casual shirt because it is a singled shirt paired with jeans, straight cotton pyjamas. Great to be worn casually to the office or university as it can be worn during all kinds of weather and is comfortable to wear for long durations. 


The designer branded casual shirts are also available in a soft collar format with half sleeves in cotton and linen variety. These can be t-shirt material casual collar shirts in faded jeans, stonewash, gradient and printed designs. Brands like Splash, Cambridge and Gul Ahmed have a great variety for casual shirts in Pakistan. 


The best price of Casual Shirt in Pakistan is Rs. 949 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,668.

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Model Price
Check Casual Shirt Rs. 2,555
Lining Casual Shirt Rs. 1,825
Lining Casual Shirt Rs. 1,625
White Plain Casual Shirt Rs. 3,255
Plain Casual Shirt Rs. 3,960
Check Casual Shirt Rs. 2,765
White Lining Casual Shirt Rs. 1,625
Casual Shirt - FMTS23-32047 Rs. 3,991
White Lining Casual Shirt Rs. 2,765
Textured Casual Shirt TS23091-BG Rs. 3,255