Chase Value Centre Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Chase Value Centre in Pakistan is Rs. 2,699 and estimated average price is Rs. 4,781.


The Chase Value Centre has cut out middlemen to make the products at their store cheaper than other stores. With a catalogue that covers everything from regular household needs to clothing and fragrances. The prices are very competitive and it would make for a great store to shop from in case one needs to buy many different items on a budget. With sales and deals available to save even more.


Chase Value Centre

A business that has been around since 2009, with a focus on cutting out middlemen from the supply chain. This enables the store to sell products at reduced costs which benefits the customer. The store's catalogue is extensive, it could essentially furnish all your needs from clothes to electric appliances.

Stocking men's clothing, both unstitched and stitched. With options for formal and informal clothes, along with accessories and shoes. The women's clothing section is also similarly diverse, from formal wear to casual and on to pyjamas. Aside from this, there is a segment that includes accessories, cosmetics and shoes. Both sexes have the availability of undergarments as well. The options cover all seasons and trends within their fashion section. Multiple known brands from the Pakistan fashion industry also have racks at Chase Value Centres.

Not to leave out kids there are clothes for them too, with a variety of other items such as toys, school supplies and more. Babies have a full range of items for wear and for care as well.

The Chase Value Centre has all the appliances one could possibly need to set up a new house or to replace any worn-out devices. Furniture and other decor related items are also available. One shopping spree at the store and you could set up your whole home. From the bedding to the kitchenware.

Overall the Chase Value Centre has more than 8000 products from over 200 different categories. It is the one-stop solution for all of one's needs. The prices vary depending on the item in question but the store sells them at better prices than other stores, that being their edge and the reason why 'value centre' is in the name. To better the value aspect of their store they regularly have sales and offer deals that maximise saving.

Price List

Model Price
Travel Steam Iron SF-1307 Rs. 4,375
Professional Saloon Magic Hair Dryer SM-25000 Rs. 5,695
Professional Saloon Hair Curling Wand SM 5000 Rs. 3,899
Alpina 1200W Travel Hair Dryer SF-3927 Rs. 2,699
Nikai 1200W Dry Iron White ND1725N Rs. 3,345
Remington Hair Straightener Pro Spiral Curl Tong … Rs. 6,495
Alpina Hair Dryer Black SF-5042 Rs. 3,899
Remington Hair Straightener S5500 Black Rs. 7,845
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