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Compare 177 prices from 22 stores.

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Organic coconut oil is packed with nutrients and has numerous beauty and health benefits. It is an edible oil that is extracted from the kernel, milk or meat of the entire coconut. Coconut oil prices in Pakistan vary depending on the brand, grade and size of the product. Read on for more information that will help you make the right purchase.


Some Pakistani households use coconut oil for cooking but it is not one of the widely used cooking oil in the country. It is used for other purposes such as for skin and hair as well as massage and remedies. Consuming one tablespoon of coconut oil will give you 120 calories. 

Best Coconut Oil Brands in Pakistan

The Body Shop, C.B.C, Hemani, Vatika, Conatural, Parachute, Nyle, Merhaba, Tropical Life etc are some of the best available brands in Pakistan. You can buy them from our page at affordable prices. 

Quality & Grades

You will find three grades of coconut oil in the market; food grade, cosmetic grade and therapeutic grade. Always make sure to buy the oil grade for the purpose it is for and the one that suits your needs. Unrefined oil of coconut is better than refined one as the refined goes through certain bleaching procedures that result in the removal of polyphenols and medium-chain fatty acids. This makes the oil less potent and beneficial as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

The quality of the oil depends on its extraction method that is cold-pressed, expeller-pressed or centrifuged. The best quality of this oil is the cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil (EVCO) that is extracted and then left untreated and unprocessed. 

1. Cooking Grade

The cooking grade oil can typically be bought at grocery and health food stores. It is an edible oil that can be used for cooking as an alternative to vegetable oils, ghee and butter. The coconut cooking oil on an average contains 35% of lauric acid which is one of the medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) found in coconut.

Cooking grade oil has a great shelf life, is stable and has a high smoke point which makes it very convenient for pan-frying, sautéing, roasting, baking and deep-frying at high temperatures. At room temperature, the oil will solidify and remain so until heated a bit or rubbed on the palm. 

2. Cosmetic Grade

Cosmetic-grade oil is used in manufacturing creams, serums, soaps, lip balms, shampoos lotions and other cosmetic products. Cosmetic grade oil is not safe for human consumption and should always be used only on the skin and hair. This is because most cosmetic grade oils go through the fractionation process which removes the long-chain fatty acids. In the process, all the lauric acid is removed from the oil.

Fractionated coconut oil does not turn solid at room temperature and stays liquid in all weather conditions. This makes it very easy to mix with other ingredients and used topically on the skin and hair. It can then be ideal for use as a carrier oil for several essential oil blends.

3. Therapeutic Grade 

For coconut oil to qualify as therapeutic-grade, it has to be 100% unrefined or 100% extra virgin coconut oil. The oil has to be tested for containing the lowest moisture content and the highest levels of medium-chain fatty acids. The major aspect in grading is the oil's lauric acid content, without which it cannot qualify as therapeutic grade. Typically a therapeutic grade oil of coconut will contain 53% of lauric acid.

Coconut Oil Benefits

The oil contains 90% of saturated fats which is higher than butter, beef or lard. Some cuisines such as Sri Lankan, Thai and Kerala include coconut oil as the preferred oil for cooking. Following are the top uses and benefits of consuming and applying coconut and its oil. 

1. Improves Health

It is considered high in saturated fats and contains high levels of fatty acids. This gives it anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Regularly consuming the oil is believed to have a positive effect on heart health and raises HDL cholesterol levels that are the good cholesterol. This reduces the risk of strokes, heart attacks and other dangerous medical conditions. The oil is also considered good for type 2 diabetics as it is known to reduce insulin resistance and obesity. It is also great for weight loss as it can boost your metabolism and burn fat. The oil also reduces hunger pangs and 

2. Promotes Great Skin & Hair

Loaded with Vitamin E, coconut oil is used on skin and hair for centuries. It has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce swelling and redness on the skin. The oil enhances the complexion and increases skin elasticity, reducing and preventing the signs of ageing. It is a common misconception that applying coconut milk or oil on the skin causes breakouts, but in fact, it balances the skin's ph level and makes it less prone to acne and infections. Applying warm oil of coconut on the hair has known to make it healthy, shiny and bouncy. It also reduces dandruff and makes the hair grow thick and long. 

3. Prevents Dental Problems

Coconut is also the preferred oil for ancient Ayurvedic Oil pulling technique done on an empty stomach to remove toxins from the mouth. Generally, a tablespoon of oil is swished around the mouth and it is believed to pull out toxins and bacteria from the teeth and gums.

Storage Instructions

Store your coconut oil at room temperature in an airtight and sealed jar. The oil is shelf-stable and doesn't need to be refrigerated. If you notice the white oil turning slightly yellow, that means it is going bad and will soon go rancid. This typically happens when the oil is not stored in an airtight container and has been in contact with oxygen for long. Oxygen can make it go rancid quicker than heat or cold. So it is very important that you take the correct storage measures for the oil to last longer. 

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The best price of Coconut Oil in Pakistan is Rs. 260 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,324.

Price List

Model Price
Coconut Oil – Cold Press Rs. 690
Coconut (ناریل) Oil – Cold Pressed – 60ml Rs. 450
Coconut Oil 500ml ناریل کا تیل Rs. 950
Baby Coconut Oil Rs. 400
Coconut Oil 250ml ناریل کا تیل Rs. 500
Coconut Oil 1litre ناریل کا تیل Rs. 1,725
Earth'S Virgin Coconut Oil 500Ml Rs. 1,535
Cbc Coconut Oil 400gm Rs. 1,299