Confetti Balloons Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Confetti Balloons in Pakistan is Rs. 179 and estimated average price is Rs. 467.


Party decore is an essential part of celebrating festivities such as bridal showers, birthdays and weddings. Traditionally balloons were used to decorate birthdays for children but they have since evolved into chic and stylish items that can be used for event decor for adults.


Material & Specification 

These fashionable balloons have confetti filled into them from before and their translucent material makes them visible from the outside. They are usually 12 inches in diameter that do not take out too much space and can be filled with helium air to suspend in the room. If using Helium air be sure to shake the balloons or rub on a static carpeted surface so that the confetti spreads evenly around the balloon. These are designed with a special individual mouthpiece that ensures the confetti won't be swallowed by the user. It stops the pieces from ejecting out of the balloon while you fill it up with air. 

Pack Size 

There are a variety of designs with a wide selection of colours and patterns. The smallest pack of confetti balloons has 10 pieces that are easy to fill up by one person and enough to decorate a cake table or photo booth for a party. The 50 to 60 pieces are ideal to completely decorate a medium-sized room or lounge area. There are larger packs as well that include 100 to 124 that are used for bigger events. These packs do not include ribbon to decorate the balloons which mean users will order those separately when buying these packs. 


The colour choices available are from simple Black with Gold confetti and White with Gold Confetti that has some varieties in silver and colourful pieces as well. There endless options in colour profiles that will perfectly match the rest of your party record. The White & Blue Confetti in Rose Gold are unconventional and different colours from typical designs. The Gold Confetti Colorful has multiple coloured balloons in red, blue, yellow, pink and white that create a mix and match decore ideal for birthday parties. 

Clean Up

Cleaning up the confetti can be tiresome which is why users prefer to let these balloon's air be released through the opening instead of popping them. There are also glitter versions of these balloons that are enjoyed by both children and adults. 

Price List

Model Price
Happy Birthday Rose Gold Decoration Set Including… Rs. 720
Bride to be decoration set in Rose gold and white… Rs. 650
34pcs Happy Birthday Rose Gold Decoration Set For… Rs. 765
Silver Confetti Balloons (Pack of 10) Rs. 250
14 Pieces Party Balloons Set, Metallic Balloons, … Rs. 467
Graceful Theme Of Happy Birthday Card Banner Birt… Rs. 899
Golden, Silver and Black Happy Birthday Theme - 1… Rs. 799
Glorious Rose Gold Birthday Theme Including Birth… Rs. 720
Light Blue Confetti Balloons ( Pack Of 5) Rs. 199
Happy Birthday Golden & Black Theme ( Including B… Rs. 423
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