Cuticle Nipper Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Cuticle Nipper in Pakistan is Rs. 340 and estimated average price is Rs. 529.


The cuticle nipper is an essential grooming metal tool in every man and woman's kit. It is safe and easy to handle clipper designed to be safe to manicure delicate cuticles of the hands and feet.


Ergonomic Design

There are many kinds of cuticle nippers available in the market and can be chosen according to the size of your hands, the shape of your nails and the kind of treatment you want to achieve for yourself. Ingrown nails and dried skin can be very painful and the easiest way to maintain nails is to ensure they are growing without pushing against the cuticle. There are various sizes available that include 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 that make it easy to handle when applying it on your own hands and feet. The jaw-sized nippers are also a popular choice as these have a wide-angle in various sizes. 

Material & Shape

There are premium stainless steel models that are more expensive as compared to cheaper quality metal versions that are the same in performance. For users with sensitive skin or easily irritable condition to metal, alloy, copper should choose the surgical steel versions as these will not trigger any allergies. The nipper is ideally used after soaking hand and feet in hot salt water as this softens the skin and makes it easy to clip away excess skin without any pain.  


The handles of the cuticle nipper come in various width and coatings. The slender designs are compact and easy to store in your toiletries bag or vanity case. There are plastic coated nippers that are easy to clean and add more stability to the grip. The maximum grip nipper is the rubber-coated handles as these provide friction and pressure contact with the handles making them safe and easy to control the pressure of your hands while treating cuticles. 

Price List

Model Price
Nicka K NKNY Cuticle Nipper Double Spring - Half … Rs. 999
Cuticle Nipper-Dull Matt Rs. 350
Toenail Clipper Professional Nail Cuticle Nippers… Rs. 340
Cuticle Nipper-Dull Matt Rs. 350
Beauty Shaperz Cuticle Nipper Rs. 399
Trendy Cuticle Nipper, TD-143 Rs. 515
Dar Expo Cuticle Nipper Rs. 464
Nicka K NKNY Cuticle Nipper Double Spring - Half … Rs. 999
Cuticle nipper Rs. 1,160
Toenail Clipper Professional Nail Cuticle Nippers… Rs. 340
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