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Compare 9 prices from 1 stores.

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A brand based in Osaka, Japan, Daikin has been in the AC industry for decades now. With a wide range that incorporates inverter technology to keep you cool at a lower cost.


A bit about Daikin

Daikin one of the leaders of residential and commercial heating and cooling also the inventors of the Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology used in most inverter ACs today. Based out of Osaka, Japan and in the business since 1924.

Daikin locally

In Pakistan Daikin has a range of split ACs from different tonnage starting at 1.0 ton and going up to 2.0 ton, which one is installed depends on how big a space the AC has to cover. Their range also has units that heat as well, this is very convenient for the user so one unit is doing both the cooling and heating taking away the need to install a separate heater for the winter. They also have the feature of inverter technology that helps the split AC work a lot more efficiently and quieter, while saving on the electric bill. Although the initial cost for these is more but over time it is a lot smarter to opt for an AC with inverter technology and VRF, both these combined work wonders for the bill with estimated cost recovery within 2 years. After which all the billing is a lot lower than what someone without inverter technology would pay so you are saving money every month beyond that point.

What the market says about Daikin

Average customer reviews have been good for the performance of the Daikin ACs, the most common being it is efficient at cooling and if anything that is the most crucial requirement of an AC.

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The best price of Daikin Ac in Pakistan is Rs. 273,900 and the estimated average price is Rs. 383,133.

Price List

Model Price
Daikin R-22 Air Conditioner 1 Ton – Karachi Only Rs. 310,800
Daikin 1.6 Ton Cool Only Air Conditioner – Karach… Rs. 414,300
Daikin 2.0 Ton Cool Only Air Conditioner – Karach… Rs. 414,300
Daikin Daikin Wall Mounted Split AC – R410 – 1 To… Rs. 393,600
Daikin 1 Ton Cool Only R-22 Air Conditioner – Kar… Rs. 273,900
Daikin 1.6 Ton Cool Only R-22 Air Conditioner – K… Rs. 373,200
Daikin 2 Ton Cool Only R-22 Air Conditioner – Kar… Rs. 426,900
Daikin Wall Mounted Split AC R410 – Karachi Only Rs. 530,400
Daikin Wall Mounted Split AC – R22 – 1.6 Ton – Wh… Rs. 310,800