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Compare 2,111 prices from 1 stores.

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Toys are globally in demand and Daraz.pk has all the popular Barbie, Hasbro, Fisher-Price and Usborne collections in both original and copied designs.


Cognitive Development

The initial interaction of a child is their toys, before the advent of TV screens, computers, tablets and mobile phones kids had wooden and non-electronic mechanical toys. These toys focused on putting things together, simple building blocks, tea sets and lego was the ultimate toy set. These toys are still available today as they have evolved to be more interactive with multisensory elements. Toys available on Daraz.pk have lights, sound and problem-solving components to help children retain information, develop learning skills and be aware of their surroundings. 

Outdoor Toys

Children are encouraged by parents to spend time in the home garden, public parks and spend time in the sun for bone development. The healthy effects of playing outdoors are experienced well into adulthood but need to be fostered at a young age. There are now hundreds of different kinds of outdoor playsets to use from flexible slides and swimming pools that are great for summertime play.

Indoor Toys

During evening playtime when going outside is hard there are board games, kitchen or doctor playsets, building blocks and little indoor tents for kids that are ideal for several hours of game time. 

Toys for Girls

Children want to have toys that appeal to their gender, it is not necessary for their cognitive development to play with toys meant for girls but they prefer to have colourful pink and white kitchen sets themed with Barbie, Hello Kitty, Disney characters. There are a number of different dolls, makeup sets, painting and nail art sets that are popular with little girls.  


Popular toy sets available that are from LEGO are the Super Heroes, Duplo, Ninjago, NEXO Knights, Star Wars, Lego City, Lego Disney and many more. These are ideal for children above 3 to adults of 99 years old! They will occupy children for hours on end as they create their own wolds and play with the miniature characters. 

Toys for Boys

Boys want toys that have pulling apart and putting back together structure, they enjoy lego and action figures. The Quadcopters, puzzles, board games, foosball tables and classic yoyo are some of the favourite toys for boys in Pakistan. 

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The best price of Daraz.pk Toys in Pakistan is Rs. 248 and the estimated average price is Rs. 1,106.

Price List

Model Price
Happy Duck Toy Or Climbing And Sliding Duck Toy- … Rs. 1,249
Roti Maker Toy Rs. 650
Doraman With Dram Toy For Kids Play Rs. 299
Rickshaw Toy For Kids Play Rs. 249
Toy Breafcase Rs. 1,100
Khanaan Animal Wind-up Toy For Kids Rs. 350
Tom Stuffed Toy Rs. 2,999
Toy Breafcase Rs. 1,850
Toy Breafcase Rs. 1,050
Dancing Fish Wind Up Toy Rs. 350