Dell Vostro 15 Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Dell Vostro 15 in Pakistan is Rs. 79,900 and estimated average price is Rs. 128,566.


The Dell Vostro line is geared for small to medium businesses. It is generally similar to the Inspiron range but costs less and has lesser technical support. The Vostro machines are built with ample specs for most users.


The Vostro 15 range of laptops have a 15-inch display, this is a good size for work machines, it is compact enough to carry along and also not too small that it is a visual hindrance.

Dell's Vostro line is for smaller to mid-range businesses with a price point that is somewhat accessible.

They come with Intel chips and the graphics are also the Intel GPU or in some cases, you get the NVIDIA GPUs which are more powerful. RAM can be 4 to 8GB and storage is either an HDD or an SSD. The SSD will naturally get your work more streamlined due to its read and write speeds.

These laptops have WiFi and Bluetooth, both of which are near crucial for working today. There are also a range of porting options so you are able to connect to wired devices. Certain models still retain the optical drive that can be used for CDs and DVDs.

Video call meetings are very common today and to compensate for this the Vostro laptops also have 720 HD webcams and mics.

Batteries in these machines are good enough to get you a decent amount of hours on the go, they are not as powerful as class-leading options but won't let you down, especially if they are used right. 


The Dell Vostro 15 is a good option if you want a decent laptop at a relatively affordable rate with a good quality build as well.

Price List

Model Price
Dell Vostro 15 - 3510 Rs. 108,500
Dell Vostro 15 3510 i3-1115G4 4GB 256GB SSD Rs. 107,499
Dell Vostro 15 - 3510 i3-1115G4 8GB 256GB Rs. 107,499
Dell Vostro 15-3510 i7-1165G7 8GB 1TB HDD Rs. 183,499
Dell Vostro 3500 15.6 inches Core i3 (4GB RAM - 1… Rs. 79,900
Dell Vostro 15 - 3510 i7 Rs. 184,500
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