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The best price of Elemis British Botanicals Body Cream in Pakistan is Rs. 9,720 and estimated average price is Rs. 9,720.


An aromatic blend of skin-nourishing ingredients coupled with fragrant botanicals from British gardens. This body cream is formulated with organic ingredients that work wonders on the skin, making it soft, elastic and hydrated. Use every day to improve skin's health and appearance. Elemis British Botanicals Body Cream is priced in the upper range.


Pleasant Fragrance

The cream is infused with a blend of British flowers that have beautiful fragrances. It also has oils derived from these oils that are pleasantly aromatic and lend the cream its beautiful fragrance.

Natural Ingredients

Elemis British Botanicals Body Cream is made with British-grown botanicals that are carefully selected according to their efficacy and skin-nourishing properties. The body cream has English lavender, geranium palmarosa and chamomile pure essential oils. It also has hydrating Milk Protein, organic oats and echium oil.

Radiant Skin

The ingredients combine to give the skin a youthful glow and make it look radiant. The hydrating milk protein keeps dryness at bay and enriches the skin. Organic oats are loaded with minerals and vitamins that improve the skin's health, making it look radiant and beautiful.


Echium oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and is a major ingredient in this body cream. It calms down the skin and helps relieve symptoms of irritation, allergy or redness. The skin is instantly relaxed and supple.

Soft & Smooth Skin

Regular use of Elemis British Botanicals Body Cream will help make the skin smooth and soft. It erases bumps and irregular texture of the skin, making it appear clean and flawless.

Dewy Glow

The intensely hydrating formula brings a youthful glow to the body, making the skin look dewy and moisturized. The hydration remains intact for a long time as the formula locks moisture into the skin, keeping it plump and radiant.

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Elemis British Botanicals Body Cream 200Ml Rs. 9,720
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