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The best price of Eventone C Cream in Pakistan is Rs. 950 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,567.


The Eventone C is a beauty brand offering affordable whitening face cream, pills and face wash products. The most powerful whitening agent in the cream called L-Glutathione is known to lighten the skin on a cellular level by inhibiting the production of melanin. Guaranteed to achieve desired results in one bottle as the formula has fast results.


The antioxidants present in our skin reduce the rate of ageing, stress, and toxins in the body. L-Glutathione boosts the reduction of oxidative stress in the body. The combination of whitening agents paired with age-old Amla (Indian Gooseberry) which is a rich source of Vitamin C naturally brightens the skin. The cream can be used by both men and women of young or mature skin types.  

Strong Binding Agents

The liposomes added to the Eventone C Cream ensure that it is deeply absorbed into all the epidermal layers. It is because of the high bioavailability levels of liposomes that it can carry all the active whitening and moisturizing agents that transform the skin cells and help them retain moisture. This cream is safe and healthy to use regularly as liposomes have low toxicity levels, therefore, minimal possibility of side effects. It has Alpha Lipoic acid that boosts the absorption of Vitamin C and E. The ain't inflammatory nature of the Alpha Lipoic acid naturally boosts tissue repair of the skin.

Skincare Extracts

The added Liquorice Extract suppresses melanogenesis meaning it inhibits the production of melanin. Allantoin is added to the formula for a rich moisturizing treatment that is hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types as it has healing and rejuvenating properties that positively impact the texture of the skin.

Milk Thistle effectively prevents melanin production by acting as an inhibitor in the production of a melanin enzyme called tyrosinase. It is also a great beauty enhancer as it has anti-ageing results because it directly detoxifies pollutants and free articles once absorbed into the bloodstream. The healing Niacinamide extract is an anti-inflammatory agent that can soothe the skin experiencing eczema, acne and minimizes the visibility of large pores. 

Price List

Model Price
Eventone C Cream For Skin Color Balance Remove Sk… Rs. 1,869
SL Basics Strawberry Silk Cream - Strawberry Silk… Rs. 1,680
SL Basics Strawberry Silk Cream - Strawberry Silk… Rs. 1,680
Eventone C Cream 30g Rs. 1,395
SL Basics Strawberry Silk Cream - Strawberry Silk… Rs. 1,680
Eventone-C L-Glutathione + Vitamin C Skin Darknes… Rs. 1,525
NIVEA Natural Fairness Body Cream, Even Tone Comp… Rs. 950
Eventone C Cream For Skin Color Balance Remove Sk… Rs. 1,869
Eventone C cream with vitamins C Rs. 1,799
Eventone-C Cream Rs. 1,525
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