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Terracotta is a range of baked blushes by Flormar in multiple shades. It is a silken smooth powder formula that is pigmented and all shades give different finishes. Flormar Terracotta Blush prices are in the mid-range.


Natural Look

Use the Terracotta Blush range by Flormar for a natural-looking finish. These are pigmented shades but are buildable and super blendable. So one can always control the application and the intensity of colour they want.

Simple Design

These blushes come in round compacts with semi-transparent lids. There isn't any mirror or applicator included in the packaging which is a bit of a downer at such a price point. However the product quantity in each compact is excellent and since it is a pigmented blush, one compact will last for a long time.

Finish & Texture

Flormar Terracotta Blush has a blendable and smooth texture that goes on quickly on the skin. It doesn't create any streaks as the formula is creamy despite being in baked powder form. The finish varies from shade to shade as some of them deliver a shimmery sheen while the others give a matte finish. Some shimmery ones have little specks of glitter in them, while others are just shimmery with no glitter.


These blushes can also be used on the eyes as shimmery or creamy matte eyeshadows. You can also use them as pigmented colourful eyeliners with a wet eyeliner brush. The bronze coloured shade can be used as a bronzer on the face as well as the body. The lighter ones can be used as a face, cheek and eyebrow highlighter.

Flormar Terracotta Blush shades include Pink Shimmer, Romantic Salmon, Golden Peach, Pink Bronze, Touch of Rose, Touch of Apricot and Pure Peach.

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