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The best price of Gpon Olt in Pakistan is Rs. 1,800 and estimated average price is Rs. 5,292.


A GPON OLT is a crucial part of an optical fibre network. The OLT is where the light signals are converted to electrical signals. The price of a GPON OLT depends on what number of connections it can manage and the brand that produced it.



A Gigabyte Passive Optical Network (GPON) is a network based on an optical cable. This optical cable transmits the data instead of copper ethernet cables. GPONs are currently the most common form of Passive Optical Networks (PONs). PONs implement a point-to-multipoint topology in which a single fibre serves as many endpoints by making use of unpowered (passive) fibre optic splitters to divide the signal.

What is OLT

The OLT stands for Optical Line Terminal, this terminal is a component of the whole network and is the upstream node at which all the optical signals are taken in and converted to an electrical signal. A crucial aspect of the network. OLTs generally have 72 ports to them, but this varies depending on what environment it is designed for; work or home.


The difference in speed between ethernet and optical fibre is massive. Each individual split connection can harness up to 2.488GB per second, this, of course, depends on the service and bandwidth one is making use of.

The price of an OLT depends on the brand that has made it and the number of ports it has. 

Price List

Model Price
OLT-19-278 Premium Formal Collection Rs. 5,250
Tp-Link TX-6610 1-Port Gigabit GPON Terminal Rs. 8,910
GPON Fiber converter switch (fiber to Ethernet) i… Rs. 1,800
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