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Guerlain is among the older fragrance brands, it has a history dating back more than 175 years. Guerlain L'homme Ideal Cool is an aromatic cologne for men with strong hints of green notes as well. One can also pick up almonds, citrus, spice and aquatic accords. These add a lovely quality to the stronger notes, balancing things out. A great daytime and summer cologne. The price of Guerlain L'homme Ideal Cool is above an affordable range, but below the mid.


With over 175 years of fragrance production, Guerlain is among the fragrance houses of old. The brand has produced some of the best colognes for many different eras. For many decades this was a family brand, till it was purchased by LVMH in 1994.

With continuous new releases, the brand is still among the most relevant for fragrances. Guerlain L'homme Ideal Cool was released in 2019 and is from the L'homme Ideal that was launched in 2014 to acclaim. The various options do not follow a theme within the line, each is unique and has its own edge.

Guerlain L'homme Ideal Cool

As the name suggests this version of L'homme Ideal is about the cooler notes, lighter in feel and great for the daytime and warmer weather.

The top notes of L'homme Ideal Cool consist of mint, bergamot, orange and anise. The first three are super fresh notes, with anise adding in some liquorice like sweetness. For the heart notes, one is taken by almond, water notes and neroli. A bittersweet nuttiness brought by almonds is a very interesting experience for the nose. With neroli adding a lot of green and aquatic tones from the water notes.

At the base, the notes are vetiver, ambroxan and patchouli. The vetiver is an earthy green with some woodiness to it as well, ambroxan is a musky sea like note and patchouli a dark green spiciness. All these are a bit more rooting compared to the upper two layers and make for a great dry down.

The scent is known to be a nostalgic kind of fresh smell, something people tend to like. The ability to invoke nostalgia is something a good fragrance can do.

The sillage is moderate as is the longevity. This cologne was mixed by Thierry Wasser for Guerlain.


A great cologne for men who want to add something light and fresh to their collection, Guerlain L'homme Ideal Cool is available for a price that is a little above affordable but not in the mid-range still.

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