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The best price of Jaguar Classic Amber in Pakistan is Rs. 2,340 and estimated average price is Rs. 4,925.


A luxury car maker, Jaguar also has a range of fragrances for the market. Classic Amber is one of their many choice colognes. As the name suggests this cologne is all about the amber tone, with a tobacco hinted masculine scent that is warm. There are also citrus and fresh spice tones that add to it, making it a more nuanced cologne. The price of Jaguar Classic Amber is in an affordable range.


A major brand in the luxury car segment, Jaguar also produces fragrances. There are a lot of options for men and some for women. Jaguar's Classic Amber is all about the warmer subtle masculine scent.

Jaguar Classic Amber

If you are looking for a cologne that has all the tones related to a masculine feel, Classic Amber is a good choice. The top layer is made from pink pepper, mandarin orange, grapefruit and petitgrain. This lets the scent open with a good hint of citrus along with green and spice.

On to the heart notes that consist of cinnamon, Granny Smith apple, pepper, elemi resin and African orange flower. This layer has some balsamic with citrus, spice and a whit of aroma as well. The base layer is made up of amber, leather, vanilla, musk, Virginia cedar, French labdanum, musk and patchouli. With this one senses the wood tones more, warmth from the leather, musk and amber. There is also spice and green in this layer.

Overall this concoction comes together to bring all the masculine tones to just the right balance with the lighter tones for some cutting notes. Jaguar Classic Amber is the kind of cologne that can be worn at any time of the day and also in most seasons, it may be a bit warm for summer, but this is a matter of personal preference.

As for the staying power, it is in a moderate range, giving one a good few hours of cover. The sillage is also moderate.


Jaguar Classic Amber is a more affordable cologne, giving one access to the amber tones that are a common theme in many other colognes. The scent after dry down is something people mention as being a very positive one.

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Model Price
Classic Amber Jaguar Cologne for Men Rs. 5,026
Classic Amber Jaguar Cologne for Men Rs. 5,026
Classic Amber Jaguar Cologne for Men Rs. 5,026
Classic Amber Jaguar Cologne For Men Rs. 5,026
Jaguar Classic Amber Eau De Toilette For Men 100ML Rs. 7,108
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