Kenwood Automatic Washing Machine Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Kenwood Automatic Washing Machine in Pakistan is Rs. 24,400 and estimated average price is Rs. 37,775.


Kenwood household appliances are considered durable and feature-packed as they come in a variety of designs, technology and functionality. Automatic washing machines by Kenwood are known for their easy operation and advanced features. Check out Kenwood automatic washing machines prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.


When it comes to quality electronics, Kenwood is known for selling affordable kitchen appliances in Pakistan. Washing machines by Kenwood fall into two categories; the Semi-automatic and the Fully automatic washing machines. Considered popular appliances, Kenwood automatic washing machines are available at reasonable prices in Pakistan. 

Increased Capacity & Child Lock

The automatic washing machines are equipped with child lock functionality, also provide the delay start feature, pump and 2 water inlets for speedy and effective washing of your clothes. Holding a capacity of 8kgs, some of the washing machines by Kenwood come with 16 program functions and a big LED display. With a pulsator speed of 1600 RPM, washing clothes in the high-performance washing machines is a breeze! 

Auto Clean Series

Fully automatic machines include the auto clean series. They are capable of doing all the work by themselves without the requirement of any manual interruption and extra effort. All you need to do is press the start button and the entire washing process will be done in no time, leaving your clothes squeaky clean and giving you with a lot of free time to do things you love doing the most.

No Detergent or Water Waste

Kenwood automatic washing machines completely and instantly dissolve detergent allowing for it to penetrate deeper into the cloth, resulting in complete removal of stains. Kenwood washing machines feature double inlets to save time and water. 

Hydro Spinner

These machines also feature the Hydro Spinner for quick drying of clothes without damaging the quality of the fabric. The ultra-quiet automatic machines feature a capacity of 10kg, possessing a rust-proof full plastic body.

Turbo Wash & Hydro Wash

The "turbo wash" machine range is equipped with an efficient and superior washing technology that washes and dries your clothes with care by being gentle on the fabric. Another feature, the "Hydro Wash" integrated into single tub machines fights and removes hard stains like a pro without being too hard on the fabric. 

Kenwood Automatic Washing Machines Sale

Aside from being economically priced, Kenwood routinely launches discount offers and sale events that allow one to buy their reliable products at even more pocket-friendly rates. 

Price List

Model Price
Kenwood Semi Automatic Washing Machines ... Rs. 31,200
Kenwood KWM 1016 Semi Automatic Washing Machine… Rs. 28,240
Kenwood 21159 Opal Semi Automatic Washing Machine Rs. 32,999
Kenwood KWM-935SA Double Semi Automatic Washing M… Rs. 33,500
Kenwood Fully Automatic Washing Machine 6KG (KWM-… Rs. 56,141
Kenwood Top Load Semi Automatic Washing Machine W… Rs. 24,400
Kenwood KWM-9001FAT-W Fully Automatic Machine Top… Rs. 50,999
Kenwood Semi Automatic Washing Machine 10KG KWM-1… Rs. 31,300
Kenwood KWM930SA Top Load Semi Automatic Washing … Rs. 24,400
Kenwood KWM-935SA Double Semi Automatic Washing M… Rs. 28,000
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