Kenwood Hand Mixer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Kenwood Hand Mixer in Pakistan is Rs. 5,899 and estimated average price is Rs. 8,358.


Kenwood is known in Pakistan for its household products. The brand also has hand mixers that can be very helpful in the kitchen. The prices are affordable making this kitchen tool high value.


Kenwood has a lot of products one can get for their kitchen and home, among this one can get hand mixers. Hand mixers are used to mix cake batter, cookie dough, whisk eggs, churn butter and more.

The hand mixer has multiple speeds one can choose from, this is so you can execute your tasks as you need to. The speed can affect the texture and consistency.

The Kenwood hand mixers are easy to use and are generally the same as what the other brands make. One does get a small bowl that you could set your hand mixer over, this is something not that many brands have, This makes it easy to get some things done, especially if you are using the hand mixer to knead dough.

Kenwood hand mixers are available in an affordable range, adding a lot of value to your kitchen.

Price List

Model Price
Kenwood Hand Mixer HM330 Rs. 6,200
Kenwood Hand Mixer HMP-22 Rs. 10,600
Kenwood Hand Mixer HM-430 Rs. 9,999
Kenwood Hand Mixer White (HMP-20) Rs. 6,800
Kenwood HM330 Hand Mixer Rs. 7,500
Kenwood Blender Ken-713 Rs. 9,199
Kenwood HM-620 Hand Mixer With Two Years Warranty Rs. 5,899
Kenwood Hand Mixer, 300W, 5-Speed, HMP-20 Rs. 6,800
Kenwood Hand Mixer White HMP-20 Rs. 6,800
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