Keratin Treatment Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Keratin Treatment in Pakistan is Rs. 784 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,513.


Keratin, rebonding, and extenso are the most commonly done procedures in salons for hair straightening in Pakistan and worldwide. The process involves single or multiple treatments that result in either temporary or long term hair straightening. Keratin, hair straightener creams, neutralizers and other products are involved in the process to achieve silky smooth frizz-free hair. Keratin Treatment price in Pakistan varies depending on the product and brand. In-salon treatment prices are dependant on the customer's hair texture and length. 

Pros & Cons


  • Adds gloss

  • Smoothens hair

  • Makes hair frizz-free

  • Hair looks healthier and shinier

  • Hair becomes less prone to damage


  • Effects last for less than 4 months

  • In-salon treatments can be very expensive

  • Some treatments may contain harmful chemicals


Keratin Treatment Benefits & Process

Best brands for Keratin treatment in Pakistan include Keune, Schwarzkopf, Paul Mitchel, Luxliss, Brazilian Keraplex, L'ANZA and Keratin Research Complex. Keratin treatment is usually confused with Brazilian straightening but there are slight differences between the two. While the main purpose for both is to straighten and smoothen your hair, the keratin contains fewer chemicals than Brazilian treatment and is amongst the safer options. It controls frizz and smoothens out the hair, relaxing it to give it a soft texture. Though you can use this treatment at home, the best results are achieved if it is done by a professional at a salon.

The process involves several sittings and steps. The first step includes the application of keratin cream that contains formaldehyde. Then the hair is blown dry and straightened out with a straightener. You can then go home but you will need to keep your hair dry and unwashed for a few days. Once the waiting period is over, you will visit the salon again to get the product washed out of your hair. Then a setting treatment is applied to lock in the straightening effect and you are good to go. Keratin treatment may last for 12 weeks or so. 

Keratin Vs Rebonding Vs Extenso

While rebonding makes your hair pin-straight and silky, it is harmful and damaging to the hair in the long run. Though extenso is considered safer and less aggressive, keratin is the safest option out of the three but the results are not as good as extenso or rebonding. Extenso will give your hair lots of volume and the straight effect will last for 10 to 12 months. Keratin treatment cost in Pakistan varies depending on the brand and type but they are generally not very expensive and are easily available online and in stores.


Hair straightening and smoothening for overly thick, curly and coarse hair cannot be achieved without chemicals. But it is not safe to use products on your skin that involve dangerous contents that would have carcinogenic properties. While going for a keratin hair treatment, make sure to opt for the one that does not contain the chemical, formaldehyde.

It is known to cause multiple health issues such as allergic skin reactions, eye irritation, nasal problems, lung issues and in some cases can also cause cancer. Make sure to read the product label to check it is formaldehyde-free and also ask the salon professional to give you a formaldehyde-free treatment. Alternate and safer options are also available in the market, such as amino acid-based keratin treatments that can last for 3-6 months.

Price List

Model Price
Luxliss Keratin Intensive Repair Therapy Mask - 4… Rs. 4,000
Luxliss Keratin Smoothing Treatment - 100ml Rs. 5,000
Luxliss Keratin Protein Replenish Hair Serum Volu… Rs. 3,100
Keraplex Professional Brazilian Keratin Hair Trea… Rs. 2,849
Luxliss Keratin Heat Protecting Shine Mist Volume… Rs. 3,100
Brazil Nut Keratin Hair Care Balance Keratin Hair… Rs. 1,199
Brazil Nut Keratin Hair Care Balance Keratin Hair… Rs. 899
Luxliss Combo Keratin Treatment Kit Rs. 6,000
Advanced Clinicals Keratin Leave-in-Treatment Spr… Rs. 3,200
Alfaparf Lisse Design Keratin Therapy The Oil - 5… Rs. 5,250
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