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The best price of Khalifa Bakers in Pakistan is Rs. 1,450 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,450.


The traditional Nankhatai is a popular dessert and snack in Pakistani households for generations. Originally dating back to the pre-partition era has been popularly sold at Khalifa Bakers for generations.


Festive Treat

The simple recipe used will make shortbread cookies made by combining all-purpose flour, sugar and desi ghee known commonly as clarified butter. The ethnic flavours of cardamom and nutmeg bring a flavourful aroma and subtle taste that brings together all the ingredients. It is a sweet cookie that is enjoyed by children and adults all over Pakistan. Usually had on special occasions such as weddings and Eid holidays as a festive treat during tea time in the evening. 

Sweet Bakery Shop

The most famous sweet shop that sells these tasty Nankhatais is located in the Walled City of Lahore near Mochi Gate. It was established in 1925 by Baba Umer serving generations to come with the traditional recipe of Khatais.

Types of Biscuits Available

The shop is very difficult to access by car, as you can only walk or bike to the shop. They sell many different kinds of biscuits including Cakerusks, Almonds Nankhatai, Bakar Khani and Chana Biscuit. Cakerusk are another very popular item traditional tea time biscuit that is thick like a slice of cake and soft in texture when dipped into tea. A cakerusk can be a long-lasting item that can be stored in a dry cool place for a few weeks. People prefer cakerusks to actually cake as it has a much longer shelf life when stored properly.  

Online & Delivery Service

These items are baked fresh every day at the main shop and delivered all over Pakistan through online orders. These shortbread and delicious biscuits will be a great snack to offer guesting visiting at home and a gift to take over to your relatives and friends when visiting. The Khalifa Bakers offer fast deliveries all over Pakistan from Sindh to Gilgit Baltistan.


The Cash on Delivery option makes it easy to receive the products at your doorstep and pay the courier directly when satisfied with the purchase. There is a reliable customer support helpline that will assist customers with ordering and tracking their biscuits. 

Tips & Comments

It is very important that these biscuits be stored in an airtight sealed jar to ensure that they do not become stale. Keeping them dry will help them last for a very long time in your home. 

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Khalifa Bakers Nankhatai Almond 1kg Rs. 1,450
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