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The best price of Langnese Honey in Pakistan is Rs. 850 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,947.


Langnese is a German brand with a great market reputation which they have maintained since 1927. With a range of different kinds of honey, their products vary in prices from nominal to expensive depending on the specific honey in question.



A German brand that has the most famous honey in its country of origin. The brand was started in 1927 by Karl Rolf Seyferth and has maintained its reputation since. So much so that in 2012 is was awarded the Deutsche Standards “Brand Prize” making it a part of an exclusive group of 250 German brands. It allows them to call themselves 'Brand of the Century' in their respective product category.

The Langnese honey quality and variety

Langnese has its own bee farms and quality check starts there, the farms inspect the honey before sending it for packing. Once it reaches the main plant, Langnese employs the latest scientific methods to check the quality of its product. 

Producing a varied rage of honey, the basic ones are pure bee honey and white honey. Some of the other plants they use include acacia, the linden tree and lavender. Their black forest honey is also famous, this form of honey is not made from the nectar of flowers but from the secretions of plant-sucking insects such as aphids.

The more expensive and special honey that Langnese produces includes manuka and royal jelly. Manuka honey is made from just the manuka plant, it is often sold as a form of alternative medicine. Considered to be good for the health. Royal jelly is the special food produced for the queen bee and larvae. In fact, the feeding of royal jelly to a female larva in larger quantities is what triggers its becoming a queen later, with large active ovaries. There are many claims of manuka honey and royal jelly being very good for the health, but there isn't yet a conclusive study aside from the fact that honey is generally good for the health.

Honey is an expensive food item, the prices of Langnese honey vary depending on the specific one in question. Manuka honey and royal jelly being from the top end of the price spectrum

Price List

Model Price
Langnese Pure Bee Honey - 250g Rs. 950
Langnese Black Forest Honey - 250g Rs. 1,450
Langnese Pure Bee Honey - 250g Rs. 950
Langnese Honey 500 GM Rs. 2,349
Langnese Honey Pure Bee (500gm) Rs. 895
Langnese Forest Honey Rs. 2,590
Langnese Forest Honey 250g Rs. 1,900
Langnese Black Forest Honey Rs. 1,690
Langnese Honey Acacia 250g Rs. 1,950
Langnese Pure Bee Honey - 250g Rs. 950
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