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The best price of Lego in Pakistan is Rs. 499 and estimated average price is Rs. 9,640.


LEGO is a favourite, it is considered one of the best toys for kids as it lets them try out their imagination in a physical form. The sets vary a lot from known stories such as Star Wars to their own themes like pirates or cops. LEGO has a greatly diverse catalogue. Generally, LEGO is an expensive toy and the more the pieces the more it costs.



One of the most well-known toys in the world, LEGO has been around for nearly a 100 years. It is the largest toy manufacturing company in the world. Although the brand started with wooden toys, today they are known for the LEGO bricks. It is one of the most high-quality toys available, in part due to its simplicity. The bricks that are connected together just come apart if a built toy is dropped, this is not to say that the individual bricks are not well made. It would take a stack of 375,000 bricks before the bottom brick would crumble. The LEGO system is universal, so their bricks from the past snap on to the new ones as well, keeping the toy timeless essentially. LEGO is one of the very rare world-famous toys that is not produced in China, instead, they have plants in Denmark, Hungary and the Czech Republic. 

LEGO sets

The different sets LEGO came up with to include pirates and other such character-based themes are extensive. The first licensed themed set was from Star Wars. Over time LEGO has bought the rights to produce LEGO versions of a lot of the well-known characters and stories, including Harry Potter, DC, Marvel, Stranger Things, Jurrasic World, Frozen 2 and Toy Story. There is also a segment that has characters and sets from Disney animations.

Aside from these more specific categories LEGO also has a variation in the construction styles. Speed Champions is a series that has designs from famous car makers such as Ferrari, Porche, Nissan and Audi. Powered Up are builds that have motor functions as well, like a Batmobile that can be controlled via an app. The Architecture segment is a range of world-famous buildings made from lego, these include The Sydney Opera House, Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty and many more. These also do keep changing with time as some items are taken out of production. LEGO Duplo is for a younger generation with larger pieces so there isn't a choking hazard.

Technics is the more advanced building side of LEGO, with more connectors and complex shapes. These are also larger in scale comparatively. The Technics LEGO sets also have robotics being fused with them for even more versatility. Withing all these lines LEGO regularly produces collector sets that have only a certain number of them available. The collector sets cost more in comparison to the regular sets. 


The great advantage with LEGO is that with enough pieces one could construct anything they imagine, this is really helpful for kids to play with. Kids can experiment with structural forms and make things out of their imagination, in a physical form not just drawn onto paper. LEGO is not just a favourite of kids, a lot of adults are also fans, known as Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOL). LEGO is a relatively expensive brand, with some sets worth many thousand rupees. The quality and design of their product are worth it though. Each set has a prescribed code so one can find them in case they are looking for a specific set. Please keep in mind, LEGO sets have age limits so as to avoid choking hazards.

Price List

Model Price
Imported LEGO City Police Mobile Command Center T… Rs. 12,720
LEGO Duplo - Town Plane 10908 Rs. 3,990
LEGO City - 60280 Fire Ladder Truck Rs. 7,250
LEGO Disney - Ariel's Celebration Boat 43191 Rs. 9,900
LEGO Architecture Paris Skyline Building Set 21044 Rs. 17,500
LEGO - Disney Frozen II Elsa Jewelry Box Creation… Rs. 14,000
LEGO Friends Street Food Market Truck - 41701 Rs. 19,500
LEGO City - Airport Air Race 60260 Rs. 11,500
LEGO - City Demolition Stunt Bike 60297 Rs. 3,250
COGO Block JEEP Lego Blocks 501 Pcs Rs. 3,500
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