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The best price of Logitech G300S in Pakistan is Rs. 3,199 and estimated average price is Rs. 3,593.


This is a high-performance mouse for gamers or people who have larger amounts of work to tackle and need a better tool. The Logitech G300s is built with an ambidextrous design and has the option to save button customisation profiles for different users. There are 9 buttons that can be programmed. This a mid price device.



Logitech produces peripherals for different situations, some are primed for business others for gaming. 

The brand also owns other brands such as Blue, Jaybird, Ultimate Ears and Astro Gaming. These produce their own line of devices.

The Logitech G300s optical gaming mouse

A large part of the peripheral market is targeted towards gamers as the regular devices lack in performance. The Logitech G300s is such a device, a high-performance mouse which can be used for intensive things such as gaming or the execution of large scale work. Tools like these are designed with extra functionality to help the workflow.

To begin with, this mouse has an ambidextrous design so more people can use it without having to worry about whether they are left or right-handed. The top has 9 buttons which can be customised, this included the 3 common ones which are the left, right and scroll wheel clicker. One can make use of G-Hub, a software from Logitech to add in compound commands for their tasks. A process that helps save time as one-click can execute combined actions.

The mouse has in-built memory to save the profiles of these button customisations. There are also lights on the Logitech G300s which can be programmed to be in line with the selected profile. So when you select your profile, your colour of choice is shone.

Eight times faster than a standard USB mouse, the report rate on this device is at 1 millisecond. The build is durable as gamers need to rough out on their mouse sometimes when the gameplay is more intense. The feet under are super slick so there is as less friction as possible.

DPI switching on the fly is, of course, an option too so if the game or task requires faster tracking the setting can be changed instantly.


The resolution is at 200 – 2,500 DPI and there is no smoothing, accelerating or filtering for the tracking. Having a 32-bit ARM processor keeps this mouse snappy. It is compatible with all the various OSes and needs only a USB port to function. 

As far as computer mouses go this option is in the mid ranges.

Price List

Model Price
Logitech G300s Gaming Mouse Rs. 3,199
Logitech G300s Gaming Mouse Rs. 3,399
Logitech G300S Optical Gaming Mouse Rs. 4,208
Logitech G300s Optical Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse … Rs. 4,499
Logitech G300S - Optical Gaming Mouse Rs. 3,450
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