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A matha patti is a head ornament traditionally used by the brides of the subcontinent, who are considered the epitome of beauty and elegance. Usually worn along the hairline, the matha patti is a headpiece that evokes the beauty and fashionability of princesses and aristocratic ladies of the Mughal era. From a single-stringed matha patti to multi-layered and elaboratively embellished variety, matha patti is available in all sorts of designs, styles and sizes. They are not limited to the bride only but are mostly adorned on strictly formal occasions.


As beautiful as this ornament looks, it doesn't suit every face shape or dress style. That's why style experts hold the opinion that a matha patti is one ornament that can transform the entire look of the wearer or destroy it completely. Hence make sure to choose the style that looks great on you and flatters your facial features. 

Matha Patti Style & Designs 

For ladies who have wide foreheads, all types of matha patti simple or extravagant will look good. Women with narrow foreheads should be careful not to wear extravagant headpieces as that would make their foreheads look even narrower and make the ornament too prominent. The matha patti can be made out of diamond, gold, silver, antique, metal, kundan, pearls, beads, crystals as well as a variety of precious gemstones. They are also made out of flowers, gotta and other fabrics.

1. One-sided

The one sides variety features a string or multi strings on one side of the head only. They look good with side-swept hairstyles and especially when the wearer doesn't want a very heavy look.

2. Double-sided

This is the most commonly chosen style by brides as it gives a very heavy and traditional look. This amps up the whole attire helping the bride stand out and make a statement.

3. Single layered

Single stringed ones are most typically worn by the bride's friends and sisters or to lesser formal events if the wearer doesn't want a very heavy look. The single-layer variety is perfect for daytime functions as well as minimalistic look for an engagement or Nikkah bride.

4. Multilayered

The strings on a multilayered matha patti can range from 2 to 6 or even more depending on the wearer's preference. They go perfectly with slicked back or tied hair and give a very traditional and heavily made-up look. Avoid this style at all costs if you have a small forehead.

5. Floral & Gotta Matha Patti 

The floral and gotta variety is befitting for Mehndi or Mayoon functions where ornaments made out of flowers, gotta and other fabrics are used extensively by the bride and other female attendees. They can be made out of fresh flowers or artificial depending on the user preference.

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Tribal Kuchi Hair Headdress Matha Patti - Jewelle… Rs. 899
Afghani Imported Matha Patti Rs. 999
Antique Kundun Style Jewelry For Women - Anklet (… Rs. 1,249
Addorable jewllery set with Mathha Patti & Earrin… Rs. 1,200
MATHA PATI-0041 Rs. 2,500
Antique Kundun Style Jewelry For Women - Anklet (… Rs. 1,249
Stylish Set with Earrings and Matha Patti Rs. 1,399
Afghani Matha Patti for Kids 1-3Y Rs. 399
kashmiri Matha Patti Rs. 950
Matha Patti Wedding Bridal Golden Bohemian Boho H… Rs. 402
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