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The best price of Mehran Biryani Masala in Pakistan is Rs. 62 and estimated average price is Rs. 86.


Biryani is one of the most well-known South Asian rice dishes all over the world. Getting that much-loved flavor right is easier with Mehran Biryani Masala. Made with the right quantities of spices and herbs so you can make perfect biryani with ease.


Almost the unofficial regional dish of South Asia, biryani is loved by many. It can be made with some variation in different regions but for a lot, there is a certain taste associated with it. This taste can be achieved with Mehran Biryani Masala. This masala is made with a finely balanced mix of herbs and spices so you get your flavor right.

The Mehran Biryani Masala mix includes coriander, turmeric, cumin, plum, red chili, salt, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, citric acid, big cardamom, mango powder, caraway, clove, green cardamom, black pepper, artificial flavoring, bay leaves, artificial screw pine flavor, and an anti-caking agent.

The box of the Mehran Biryani Masala has a full step by step break down of how to use this pre-made masala mix to prepare your biryani.

Price List

Model Price
Mehran Tikka Biryani Masala 50 Rs. 90
Mehran Biryani Masala 50g Rs. 90
Mehran Tikka Biryani Masala 50g Rs. 62
Mehran Pulao Biryani Masala 50g Rs. 75
Mehran Sindhi Biryani Masala 60g Rs. 65
Mehran Fish Biryani Masala 50g Rs. 62
Mehran Bombay Biryani Masala 65gm Rs. 62
Mehran Biryani Masala 100gm Rs. 125
Mehran Fish Biryani Masala 50G Rs. 90
Mehran Biryani Masala 50g Rs. 62
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