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The best price of Mehran Foods in Pakistan is Rs. 42 and estimated average price is Rs. 287.


The Mehran Foods company started manufacturing high-quality nasal mixes in 1975. They have been building their reputation over the decades as the best recipe mix makers in Pakistan winning "The Best Export Performance Award" from FPCCI every year since 1984. Their masala legacy continues to the present day by maintaining their standards and winning the same aware in 2009-2010.


Cooking Solutions

The challenge faced by amateur home cooks when preparing traditional Pakistani cuisine is the complex combinations of spices that are required for each dish. The Mehran Foods roster of Recipe Mixes, Desert and Rice products that covers everything you could possibly think of when deciding a lavish dinner menu for the family.

Spice Range 

The various kinds of Biryani Masala and Pallao Mix include the popular Bombay and Hyderabadi version, Beef or Mutton, Sindhi and Punjabi styles. There is also the classic Yakhni Pullao which can be paired with all kind of curries for lunch and dinner.  


The Pakistani tea time is special as it includes yoghurt-based snacks such as Dahi Barrey and Dahi Bondi. These deep-fried flour-based dishes are topped with Chaat Masala and Dahi Bara Mix to create a hot and rich flavour. There are also Fruit Chaat Masala and Pakora Mix that are essential items in the pantry for preparing snacks for guests. 


All year round the most popular dinner item for formal and festive occasions is the classic Pakistan Bebeque that include Bihari, Chapli, Seekhj and Shami Kebabs. The Pakistani style of cooking meat is popular all over the world. The right blend of spices and imagination can create unforgettable meals for families and friends. The Mehran spices include recipe mixes for Chicken Jalfrezi, Fried Chops, Mutton Roast, Tandoori, Tikka Boti, Fish, Lahori Charga, Broast, Katakat, Malai Boti and Hara Chicken. No matter what your personal preferences are, the Mehran Foods boxed spices will be able to help you save time and money in creating the perfect lunch or dinner spread. 

Pickles, Chutneys & Pastes

The original taste of pickled vegetables and fruit come from hundreds of years of recipes practised in all of South Asia. The Mix Pickel, Hyderabadi Mixed Pickle and Hyderabadi Mango Pickle are among the most popular in the country served to add more flavour to the food. To make food preparation faster and more efficient the Ginger Garlic, Garlic and Ginger paste come in an airtight bottle easily stored in the refrigerator for several weeks. 

Price List

Model Price
MEHRAN Chilli Garlic Sauce 400Gm Rs. 200
Mehran Tomato Ketchup 500gm Rs. 190
Mehran Garlic Paste 320g Rs. 550
Mehran Ginger Garlic Paste 320g Rs. 570
Mehran Fish Recipe Mix (50gm) Rs. 42
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