Metro Chef Chicken Nuggets Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Metro Chef Chicken Nuggets in Pakistan is Rs. 609 and estimated average price is Rs. 798.


Metro Chef Chicken Nuggets make for a great snack or serving for guests. They are tasty and are eaten with sauces, adding even more flavour.


A quick fix for snacks the Metro Chef Chicken Nuggets take only minutes to be ready. They are frozen and ready to be cooked.

One needs to fry the Metro Chef Chicken Nuggets for a few minutes and then they can be served. Made from a processed chicken and with a layer of batter on top. The battery becomes crispy, adding a crunchy texture to each bite.

The Metro Chef Chicken Nuggets can be eaten on their own, but are a lot tastier with a sauce of some kind. The common options are mayo, chilli garlic, ketchup or garlic mayo. They could be had with all kinds of sauces though, from ranch to HP sauce.

Price List

Model Price
Metro Chef Chicken Bites 780GM Rs. 724
Metro Chef Chicken Nuggets 1KG Rs. 824
Metro Chef Burger Patty Chicken 18PCS Rs. 609
Metro Chef Chicken Haray Nuggets 1000GM Rs. 788
METRO Chef Chicken Spicy Fillet 920 GM Rs. 1,045
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