Metro Chef Frozen Fries Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Metro Chef Frozen Fries in Pakistan is Rs. 1,679 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,777.


Ready frozen fries reduce the amount of work one has to do, the Metro Chef Frozen Fries have options for different thicknesses as well. This lets one choose what kind of fries they want as sides to their meal or as a snack even.


The Metro Chef Frozen Fries have 6x6mm or 9x9mm thick options. One can choose the thickness of fries based on what they generally like or want to serve. A lot of restaurants use thicker fries as sides for their burgers and sandwiches.

Having the Metro Chef Frozen Fries makes the task a lot easier as these only need to be fried, no peeling, cutting and dipping in water is needed. The time and temperature that is apt for these frozen fries is mentioned on the pack.

In case one like their fries to be browner, they can fry them a little bit extra to get that bit of extra crisp.

Metro Chef Frozen Fries also work for restaurants as they can easily store larger quantities and have fries ready whenever needed.

Price List

Model Price
METRO CHEF Frozen Fries 9X9 2.5KG Rs. 1,875
Metro Chef Spicy Fries Wedges 2.5KG Rs. 1,679
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