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The best price of Moulinex Chopper in Pakistan is Rs. 5,899 and estimated average price is Rs. 12,252.


Moulinex chopper is called the Moulinette, it has various models designed according to the consumer's day to day needs and requirements in the kitchen. It can mix and chop raw ingredients in a matter of seconds.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to clean and dishwasher-safe

  • Detachable plastic container bowl


  • Noisey performance

  • Does not uniformly cut thin finely chopped vegetables

  • Fruit chopping is not possible


Moulinex is originally from France, their chopping machines are easy to use, stylish, efficient and powerful machines that will help reduce the time spent cooking and baking by taking care of laborious repetitive tasks. For users who are looking to maintain an organised kitchen and take special care of hygienic, the Moulinex chopper will save home cooks from extra clean up while preparing meals. It is easy to wash and once it is dry, it can be placed into its special storage box that will keep the sharp blades out of reach of children and safe from harming anyone else.


The Moulinex chopper has a strong and powerful motor of 1000 WATS that can handle tough ingredients like nuts and ice. The signature colours of the Moulinex are White and Red Ruby that make give it its classic french style. The Moulinex multi moulinette chopper is a double blade version that will be able to mince, chop and mix ingredients but in a smaller quantity. The multi moulinette can handle cooked meat, garlic, onions, herbs, sauces, mayonnaise, along with many other ingredients to quicken meal preparation. Users are also known to use their Moulnex chopper to make milkshakes and whipped cream with the shaker accessory included in the initial purchase. The high-quality sabre blade will ensure perfect results of vegetables and fruits every time. The Moulinette will be able to effortlessly chop delicate and fragile ingredients such as herbs and garlic. The transparent container is easy to supervise and will hold all the ingredients at the time of chopping, it has a capacity of 330 g.

Speed & Locking System

The Moulinex chopper has 1-2-3 speed operational system that is essentially the three steps that ensure you intuitively turn on the chopper. It is as easy as placing the lid on top of the container, twisting it to ensure it is firmly interlocked and then pressing down to turn on the motor.

Dishwasher Friendly 

The bowl material is made from food friendly plastic and is safe to wash under running water or in the dishwasher. The cord storage is a pull system that makes it easy to store the chopper in any sized kitchen cupboard without worrying about damaging the cord.  

Price List

Model Price
Moulinex Chopper A320R1 Rs. 15,200
Moulinex Chopper DJ453B27 Rs. 15,850
Moulinex Chopper DPA141 Rs. 22,800
Moulinex Mini Chopper Rs. 9,999
Moulinex DP-805G10 Chopper Rs. 14,949
Moulinex LM-423125 Grinder and Chopper Rs. 10,099
Moulinex Blendforce 2 Grinder and Chopper (LM-423… Rs. 11,499
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