Nasgas Kitchen Hood Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Nasgas Kitchen Hood in Pakistan is Rs. 19,300 and estimated average price is Rs. 24,298.


A kitchen hood is useful to light up your stovetop and also with the exhaust built-in it can get rid of fumes and smoke from the cooking. The price of these kitchen hoods is mid-range.


Kitchens need good ventilation as the cooking process produces a lot of fumes and smoke as well. A kitchen hood from Nasgas could help you solve this issue.

Kitchen hoods are fixed right above the stovetop so the ventilation is a lot more direct compared to other exhaust fans. The kitchen hoods have filters that need to be cleaned so they function well. The rest of the body of the kitchen hood needs to be cleaned as well, as it gathers grease with ease.

These kitchen hoods also have lights built into them, this helps you light p your stovetop. Being able to see your food better as it cooks is helpful and a well lit working space makes for lesser chances of injuries.

The Nasgas kitchen hoods available are for mid-range prices. There are multiple options but the functionality is similar, and the designs vary somewhat.

Price List

Model Price
NasGas KHD-275 Kitchen Hood 3 Position Speed Cont… Rs. 23,400
NasGas Kitchen Hood KHD320 Rs. 27,400
NasGas KHD-250 Kitchen Hood 2 Position Speed Cont… Rs. 22,000
Nasgas KHP-270 Kitchen Hood Rs. 23,925
Nasgas Kitchen Hood KHD-275 Rs. 23,925
Nasgas KHP-250 Kitchen Hood Rs. 22,500
NasGas KHD-275 Kitchen Hood 3 Position Speed Cont… Rs. 23,400
Nasgas KHD-250 Kitchen Chimney Hood Rs. 21,750
Nasgas KHD-280 Kitchen Hood Rs. 23,925
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