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The best price of Onita Sachet in Pakistan is Rs. 910 and estimated average price is Rs. 910.


Onita Sachets are mainly used by people to improve bone density. There are other uses that a doctor could recommend it for. The price of Onita Sachets is nominal.


Onita Sachet (Strontium Ranelate)

Onita Sachets are recommended mostly for people who are dealing with osteoporosis. A condition in which the bones start to thin out and become porous. Using Onita Sachets reduces the chances of fractures and increases bone density in such people. There is also some research that says that it can help with arthritis of the spine.

Strontium, the active ingredient can also be used to help with bone-related pains in people who have bone cancer and can be used to slow the growth of prostate cancer. It is also used to help people with sensitive teeth, which is why Sensodyne adds it to their toothpaste. 

Side effects & interactions

There are no specific side effects of Onita Sachets, although taking a quantity too large would mess with one's body.

There are some conditions which if a person has they should avoid having Onita Sachets, these include heart problems, Paget's disease, peripheral arterial disease, kidney problems and blood clotting issues.

Onita Sachets should not be used alongside antacids, antibiotics, estrogen and androgens. Any of these mixes will reduce the effectivity of Onita or of the other medicine. With the hormones, they reduce how fast the body gets rid of the active ingredient and could lead to a build-up.


The dosage shall be advised by the doctor. As will the timing and how one is to take Onita Sachets. Please tell your doctor of any other diseases you may have, even if they are not mentioned above.

The price of Onita Sachets is nominal in Pakistan.

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