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Compare 22 prices from 7 stores. The best price of Pediasure in Pakistan is Rs. 1,350 and the estimated average price is Rs. 3,066.05.


One of the most well known, if not the most well known dietary supplements designed to help kids grow. PediaSure is available in multiple flavours so children find it more palatable. The price is from the mi-range.



A range of dietary supplements that are clinically proven to help with growth, especially in kids who may be suffering from malnutrition. It is an easier way to consume the needed nutrition along with their food. The studies have been conducted by the pharmaceutical company Abbott, which produces PediaSure. It is also widely recommended by paediatricians for this purpose. It has been known to be used as the sole source of nutrition in certain cases, meaning it can be used as such too in cases where food may be hard to ingest or is unavailable.

What all is in it and flavours

It contains the daily recommended amounts for protein, the 25 essential vitamins and minerals. With a mix of antioxidants and selenium to help support the immune system. Also containing docosahexaenoic-acid and lutein to support the brain and eyes.

PediaSure is available in a powdered form and is made into a milkshake. The flavours include vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. There are versions that have added fibre, so as to help the digestive tract as well. It does not contain any artificial growth hormones.

Agre groups and other considerations

The agree groups it targets are from 2 to 13 years, below that age bracket the doctor should be consulted before usage. PediaSure should not be used by children with galactosemia as their body is not able to process glucose and may result in high levels of sugar in the blood.

In Pakistan, PediaSure is available for a mid-range price.

Price List

Model Price
PEDIASURE STAWBERRY 12mg|ml Powder 400 g Rs. 1,350
PEDIASURE CHOCOLATE 12mg|L Powder 400g Rs. 1,350
Abbott Pediasure Strawberry 400g Rs. 2,350
Pediasure Triplesure Chocolate Flavour Rs. 2,376
Pediasure Triplesure Strawberry Flavour Rs. 2,376
Pediasure Triplesure Vanilla Flavour Rs. 2,376
PediaSure Triplesure System, Chocolate Flavour, 4… Rs. 2,400
PediaSure Triplesure System, Strawberry Flavour, … Rs. 2,400
PediaSure Triplesure System, Vanilla Flavour, 400g Rs. 2,400
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Compare 22 prices from 7 stores.


Rs. 1350 - Rs. 4800