Pepsodent Mouth Wash Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Pepsodent Mouth Wash in Pakistan is Rs. 436 and estimated average price is Rs. 436.


Pepsodent mouth wash is a quick way to clean your mouth, it is a solution that is used to rinse the mouth. Killing germs and fighting off bad breath, mouth wash is part of many peoples' oral hygiene routine.


The Pepsodent brand is about oral care, with mouth wash also available under the label. Cleaning your mouth and also giving you fresh breath due to the added zinc.

Pepsodent mouth wash can be used when in a hurry or as part of your bedtime oral hygiene routine. It will help kill germs and also save you from cavities. Some people use mouth wash along with brushing their teeth, for an extra layer of protection.

The mouth wash from Pepsodent is available for affordable prices.

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Pepsodent Mouth Wash 300ml Rs. 436
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