Powerbeam M5 400 Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Powerbeam M5 400 in Pakistan is Rs. 28,800 and estimated average price is Rs. 28,800.


The PowerBeam M5-400 has a Dish Reflector, Antenna Feed, Rear Housing, Dish Bracket, Pole Clamp, U-Bolt, Flange Nuts, Washers, Power Cord and Quick Start Guide. This is a High-Performance Integrated InnerFeed® airMAX® Bridge that ensures you are able to pick up signals with little to no transmission interference or noise.


Outdoor Signal Environment

The reflector dish is mounted outside the window or house at a height in order to capture the signal. The Powerbeam M5 400 price in Pakistan is affordable and budget-friendly as this is the most reliable system to boost signal performance. There is a two-pack model available that allows users to set up point a and point b for transmitting a signal over large areas.

It has a focused beam and dish that create a powerful RF isolation and directional force of ISO that creates a clear channel for transmission even in overcrowded signal areas such as cities. With this device users are able to set up large scale unlicenced networks to ensure they are able to receive signals in their homes.

It has a range of over 30 km and it a wireless device using radio systems to connect networks. It is an all-in-one design by Ubiquiti Networks with an inner feed design making it easy to instal without the hassle of city-wide cabling. 

Price List

Model Price
Ubiquiti Networks PBE-M5-400 PowerBeam airMAX Bri… Rs. 28,800
Ubiquiti Networks PBE-M5-400 PowerBeam airMAX Bri… Rs. 28,800
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