Rt809H Programmer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Rt809H Programmer in Pakistan is Rs. 32,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 39,560.


This is a programming device to help fix issues inside electronics. The Rt809H Programmer has the ability to connect to many different chips and internal systems to fix errors or problems in programming. Available for mid-range prices in Pakistan.


Rt809H Programmer

All of the electronics appliances and devices we use today have chips built into them that control the functions. At times these chips can have errors based on multiple factors. Getting it fixed might require some programming of the chip which is where the Rt809H Programmer is used.

The Rt809H Programmer can be connected via many of the different adapters that come with it and be used to fix issues inside cars, LCD or LED TVs, smart microwaves, laptops, PCs and other devices. Aside from support for BIOS, it can also be used with eMMCs.

This programmer has software that goes along with it making things easier for the fixer. It is connected to a computer using a USB 2.0 connection and is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows. The software can run diagnostics to check the chip's programming.

The Rt809H Programmer is designed with insertion test (correct side inserted), contact check (pin contact check), overcurrent protection and signature-byte check which helps prevent the chip from being damaged in case one makes a mistake.

There is also literature online that one can access in case they are stuck with a specific problem they haven't encountered before or are not able to understand and fix.


The price of the Rt809H Programmer is in the mid-ranges, but given how versatile this device is in helping fix problems it is justifiable. An investment that can last a good while. It is useful in places such as Pakistan where a lot of brands do not have their official customer support branches and individual fixers are common in the market.

Price List

Model Price
RT809H Fast Universal Programmer Rs. 39,000
RT809H EMMC NAND FLASH Programmer BIOS Programmer Rs. 32,000
RT809H Fast Universal Programmer Rs. 39,000
Original New RT809H EMMC Nand-FLASH Extremely Uni… Rs. 48,800
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