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At 18 months the baby develops fine motor skills and can relate to others with fully aware emotional responses, to help develop their confidence and cognitive abilities a silicone doll is a great toy. They are soft, huggable and durable made from vinyl and silicon that is safe for hours of playtime. Playing with a silicone doll is imaginative and expressive, helping exercise vocabulary, strengthening memory retention and cognitive processing within the child.



The silicone doll has been around for decades entertaining babies and kids up to age 5. The facial features of these dolls are realistic, with eyes that are able to blind with moved, being able to sick their thumbs and removable pacifiers that make the experience of taking care of a baby fully immersive for the child. The soft to touch bodies feel close to skin texture and more expensive silicone dolls even have the exact weighted body to feel like a real baby.

Easy To Clean

The wholesome experience of taking care of a baby is enjoyed by kids as they see their parents have done the same for them. These dolls are easy to clean to keep sanitary and also washable as playtime for kids. Some are even lightly scented to provide a sensory experience for the child, the material can be cleaned with a wipe or tissue and the skin is coloured to look like real skin. The removable limbs make it easy to control the movements of the doll or clean it thoroughly when needed. 


Kids can enjoy playing tea time, role play and activities related to taking care of the baby doll for hours giving them a much-needed break from TV, Smartphone and Tablet screens. The act of taking care of a baby is considered empathetic and generous, helping little kids develop important social skills before they begin school. The hands-on play experience can help boost their emotional intelligence, confidence and self-esteem as they learn to take parental decisions for their doll. These grown-up roles and responsibilities give them a sense of authority and autonomy that are essential in children's healthy psychological development. 

Price List

Model Price
Fashion Girl Doll (7701-A) Rs. 595
Beauty Girl Cute Doll Pink (Zr-576) Rs. 995
Cute Lol Girl Doll 498B (D) Rs. 1,150
Mini Simulation Applicances Classic Doll House To… Rs. 1,222
lovely Baby Doll Rs. 1,800
Lovely Singing Stuffed Doll (KC4115) Rs. 1,950
Lovely Singing Stuffed Fairy Doll (KC4112) Rs. 1,950
Realistic Baby Doll – Girl Rs. 2,150
Cute Baby Doll With Sound (KC5023) Rs. 2,195
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Compare 17 prices from 7 stores.

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Rs. 595 - Rs. 7156