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A loved headphone for its ability to have a ton of extra bass on command, the Skullcandy Crusher is well made and there are a few different models in this line that one can pick from. The design is slick and the battery time on the Crushers is very good. As far as headphones go, the Skullcandy Crushers are expensive options.


Skullcandy is a brand all about headphones, with stylish comfortable options and a slight focus on sporty options. The brand has a lot of successful lines with the Crusher line being one of the original ones that made the brand what it is today. This line also had collaborations, one with Snoop Dogg that was famous at the time.

Skullcandy Crushers

This range is wireless today, with different options that would fit your needs more specifically. One can choose based on the features they want of the budget that they have set aside for headphones. A common feature that all the Crusher headphones from Skullcandy have is the Adjustable Sensory Bass, this is also why they are named Crushers; because they have a crushing level of bass possible. The buttons for controls are the same on all models as well. 

The first one is the Crusher Wireless, it has a simple design with a band that hugs your head well. The earcups are ovoid and there are two colours available, one is white with tan earcups and the other one is all black. With a Bluetooth connection, you get your media played on these, there is a 40-hour battery life which is among the best times you can get on the market. It also features rapid charge that allows it to give you 3 hours of play time on 10 minutes of charging.

Crusher Evo is a step up, with personalised sound via the Skullcandy app, this tests your ears and creates a sound that works for you that is saved as a profile so you can revert to it whenever you need to. This model also has the 40 hour battery and rapid charge with similar results on 10 minutes of charging. An added feature on this model is the Tile gizmo, it is integrated so you can locate your headphones in case you misplace them. Design-wise these are similar to the Crusher Wireless.

The top end of the Crusher line is the Crusher ANC, the major feature that is different with this model is the Active Noise Canceling. This creates a sonic space that is truly immersive. One can turn it off if one do not enjoy this form of listening. Aside from this, it has all the features the other Crushers have. The battery is a bit different, with ANC engaged it lasts 24 hours, but also features rapid charge. Again a similar kind of design as the other options, keeping the shape in line with this series.

With all the Crushers one can answer their calls in case they want to make use of that feature or get a call while they are already using their headphones.


Skullcandy Crushers are generally expensive headphones. The sound quality is good and the build is sturdy, making sure that with a bit of care your headphones can last. All the headphones fold up so they are easier to carry in the case and in case you run out of battery there is an AUX cable provided that can be used instead.

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