Tenda N300 Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Tenda N300 in Pakistan is Rs. 1,900 and estimated average price is Rs. 3,347.


The Tenda n300 is an advanced router designed for home usage with security encryption protecting your personal wireless network from any unwanted infiltration from strangers. It allows multiple third-party mobile devices to connect with the wifi network providing fast and reliable internet access.



The wireless Tenda N300 price in Pakistan is cheaper as compared to other home router models with the same specifications. It has a 300Mbps dual data channel speed which means the bandwidth capacity is a maximum of 300 that is complimentary to optic fibre wifi networks. The ability to capture fast wifi makes it possible to keep upgrading your internet connection with the Tenda n300 whereas other models will have 150Mbps with a single data channel. The two high gain antennas in the design help increase the wireless range and connection stability ensuring no interference or disruptions while using the router. The wireless security encryption has a simple WPS button to turn on helping to secure the device at all times.


With a wireless router, the user is able to enjoy their mobile phones, laptops, tablets, TV box device from a large distance from the internet cable. The Tenda n300 will transmit the Wifi signal to the entire house so that you are able to download files, stream, video content on any platform that connects to the router. It uses an encryption WPA2 that is a wireless security system that blocked any unauthorized users to connect with your personal wireless network. The Parental control system makes it easy to control filters such as Support Client and Mac, Websites. This helps to customize the time of use and advanced ability to block websites. 

Price List

Model Price
Tenda N300 Easy Setup Router (wifi-router) ( Trip… Rs. 3,600
Tenda F6 Router | Tenda F3 | Wireless N300 Wirel… Rs. 3,190
Tenda A9 Wifi Extender Wireless N300 Universal Ra… Rs. 4,590
Tenda U6 Wireless N300 Usb Adapter Usb Network In… Rs. 2,541
Tenda Wireless N300 Easy Setup Router Rs. 1,900
Tenda wireless N300 Easy setup Router Rs. 3,299
Tenda N300 Easy Setup Router (wifi-router) ( Trip… Rs. 3,600
Tenda F6 Router | Tenda F3 | Wireless N300 Wirel… Rs. 3,190
Tenda N300 Wireless Easy Setup Router (F3) Rs. 3,293
Tenda AP4 Wireless N300 Wireless Desktop Access P… Rs. 2,400
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