Vga Splitter Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Vga Splitter in Pakistan is Rs. 3,497 and estimated average price is Rs. 7,748.


A handy device if a user wants to attach more than one display to their VGA port. VGA splitters don't cost too much unless it is from a known brand or a better quality one that also boosts the signal.


VGA Splitter

A port for video signals. Most devices that have a VGA out only have one, meaning you can connect only one monitor or projector. If one needs to connect more monitors or to have a monitor and a projector, they would need a VGA splitter. This device can handle anywhere from 2 to 8 separate displays depending on the specific splitter in question.

One could also use a VGA splitter to make use of two screens that show separate images from the same PC. A user could be using their personal monitor and have a projector showing something else on it.

Most VGA splitters will need to reduce the quality in order to split it up. Some better quality VGA splitters can boost the signal so all the displays are receiving the full digital signal, maintaining the graphic quality.

VGA splitters can cost a nominal price or quite a bit if it is from a known brand or a better splitter that also boosts the signal. Which one you buy depends on your needs and also the budget you have in mind. 

Price List

Model Price
WIWU 11 in 1 Multi USB 3.0 Hub USB Adapter Dock C… Rs. 11,999
VGA Splitter 8 port 250 MHz Rs. 3,497
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