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The best price of W11Stop.com in Pakistan is Rs. 1 and estimated average price is Rs. 29,800.


If you are looking for electronic components to build your own devices W11stop.com is the website for you. Stocking items from brands such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Also, the tools needed to do the actual construction of such devices. The prices varying depending on the specific device in question.



Few online websites in Pakistan focus on electronics, W11stop.com is one such online store. By electronics we do not mean everyday appliances but items that can be used to build robots or computational devices. Other unique items include industrial-grade meters, transistors, buttons and switches, servo motors, valves and much more. The brands they stock include Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Mastech, Sanwa, Pololu, Texas Instruments, Simcom and many others.

These items are clearly targeting engineers and computer technicians, or people who partake in such complex projects as a hobby. With W11stop.com they can find the odd gear they need to build on their ideas. In light of this W11stop also has many tools, from soldering irons to sanders. So one can also get the needed equipment aside from the components.

The categories are built around these items, so it is easy to navigate and find what one is looking for.  

Price List

Model Price
Harden 570345 10Pcs Universal Knife Blade Rs. 180
AGS WS-65L 9PL 35AH Lead Acid Battery Rs. 9,770
HP 7EH55AA 8GB 2666 DDR4 RAM Rs. 7,200
HOTECHE 191104 12''/300mm Adjustable Wrench Chrom… Rs. 1,930
Westpoint WF-4711RKCD Oven & Microwaves Rs. 25,440
LICOTA 3THS-025-CM 2.5MM L-Type Two Way Hex Key W… Rs. 360
SEW 6470 BT Battery Tester Rs. 41,500
UNI-T UT892 High Voltage Digital Multimeter Rs. 8,200
Autonics PRL30-15AO Cylindrical Type Proximity Se… Rs. 5,530
Meetion K9520 Magnetic Wrist RGB Wired Gaming Key… Rs. 3,000
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