Whitening Face Wash Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Whitening Face Wash in Pakistan is Rs. 175 and estimated average price is Rs. 459.


Due to sun damage, pollution and excessive buildup of oils on the face the skin becomes dull and rough. Whitening face wash combines cleansing agents, small molecule exfoliants and moisturizing oils infused with B3+ vitamins that accelerate fairness.


Blemish Control 

The repairing formula is designed differently for each skin type depending on if you have combination, oily or dry skin there are many variations of the whitening face wash. These products will essentially hydrate the skin with silk proteins, milk enzymes, aloe vera gel, green tea, cucumber and shea butter. These ingredients are plant-based and are paraben-free. The older the skin becomes the more help it needs to stay hydrated and smooth. Loss of water and moisture is extreme during summer and winter season in Pakistan causing unwanted darkening of the skin and dull complexion. To combat this ageing process whitening face wash formula has essential oils, fruits and vegetables infused to provide a complete cleansing and repairing treatment for the sensitive skin of the face. 

Daily Face Cleaner 

Men and women prefer to face their wash with gel and cream products rather than soap as these products are moisturizing and seal in nutrients deep into the skin.  The gentle foam of the whitening face wash will repair the skin, clean the pores and provide protection from the face being exposed to sun rays. The oils in the whitening face wash provide a protective layer that the skin does not crack preventing wrinkles. 

Soft & Smooth

The anti-ageing treatment is combined into the formula with collagen providing agents such as aloe vera, shea butter and cucumber that keep the skin soft and smooth. The removal of foundation makeup worn all day is essential to keeping the skin healthy and young. These whitening face wash products are easily the best way to pack all the essential salon treatments into one step that is affordable and easy to incorporate into morning or night beauty routine. 

Price List

Model Price
Hemani Advance Whitening with Black Seed Face Was… Rs. 210
VLCC Snigdha Skin Whitening Face Wash 100ml Rs. 720
Elmore Charcoal & Clay 2x Whitening Daily Face wa… Rs. 265
Whitening Face Wash Cucumber Extract (100ml) Rs. 375
Rivaj UK Whitening Face Wash with Green Tea Extra… Rs. 926
Cool & Cool Face Wash Banana & Clay Whitening 150… Rs. 455
Facemed+ Whitening Face Wash Foam With Activated … Rs. 775
Elmore 2X Whitening Charcoal+Clay Activated Charc… Rs. 595
VLCC Ultimo Blends Charcoal Face Wash For Whiteni… Rs. 440
DR.RASHEL Makeup Remover Face Wash Whitening Fade… Rs. 719
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